My feet at eye doctor

So today was my eye appointment. It took two buses to get there. Anyways I showed up and filled out the paperwork then waited for my turn. When I got called back a thin older woman was the person examining me. She showed me pictures of her grandson whom she bought a $60 toy for at toy r us. She also showed me a photo of her son anh his wife. She was pretty cool, we talked about some other stuff while she put different fluids into my eyes and asked me to read letters and she looked into my eyes with a machine. Afterwards she took me to a different waiting room and at that point I couldnt see anything that was close to my face. After a little while she called me into another room and the doctor came in and examined my eyes with a super bright light. She told me I had allergies and gave me some eye drops and then told me to buy allergy drops but to only use them if I really needed to because they would dry my eyes out. After that I went home and saw for myself how huge my pupils  were. They stayed that way for a while too lol. All in all an interesting day.

My feet getting filling


Today I got up at 5:40am and got ready to go get my filling. I got the second 6 o clock ff and got off and walked to the stop for the next bus. I got there at 7am but of course they werent open so I walked around for a bit. Anyways when I finally got in I ended up waiting for hours because they forgot to call my name so right before it was my turn I went to the soup kitchen and got some food to take home then when I came back I finally got seen after going to the soup kitchen again to get bagels and other sweets including strawberry shortcake. Anyways I got really lucky and the dentist did a filling on the tooth that the last dentist said he was going to extract. The dentist said as long as my tooth isnt sensitive to heat I should be fine. fingers crossed. After getting my filling I went out to make my next appointment. I tried to make it to catch the us but it left right when I was walking out so I walked to the plaza and got some organic gatorade from Publix and a snack for mommy. Then I ate my strawberry shortcake then it was time to catch the bus so I left. I finally got home and was able to eat a full meal finally and for the first time in a long time I didnt have to worry about food geting into my tooth so happy🙂

My feet at food pantry



Went to the food pantry today and got some soda, sardines, velvetta shells, green peppers, green beans, cucumbers, peanut butter and a bunch of other num noms. we (my mom and I) ate the can of chili and I mixed in parmesan cheese and spinach with mine and ate it with crackers and rye bread. Not really a fan of rye bread but its what i had. I cant wait to eat the velveeta shells though I haven’t had those in a long while.

My feet at Japanese horror movie marathon

Today I got picked up by C/%&&;^ and her mom and we took the higway to D/€&%$ house and we played video games and then watched Ju On and Uzumaki. The movies were awesome. S£€/@ was there and some other guys includung one guy in a wrestling outfit. Before we started watching the movies S, C and I went to Publix to get cookies. D:://^ ordered two pizzas one veggie and one covered in meat and I had two slices of veggie and then after the second movie I packed some food to go home with. C^^=$: and I got a ride home with S/^=$:.

P.S. D has a 3 month old boston terrier with a broken back leg. She was really cute. She kept barking at him when he was playing the video game lol. D also has a whole room just for anime figurines and a computer with two large screens.

My feet at palmcon2016




So today I got up at about 9am and got ready to meet up for Palmcon2016. I got picked up at the swimming pool and we got dropped off at the palm beach convention center. When we got in no one else was there yet but alot of other people were there some of them in costume. At first we went into a film room where they were showing films by local high school kids. The films were awesome some were scary though. Then after that we met up with the group and walked around. I took pictures then I left and went to the 2 hour film school panel. It was an awesome panel I learned alot. After that I metup with the group and we went to get food. I got a pizza to share with C€@(=/ at the mushroom restaurant and one of the guys got a burger from the place next door but C#^ had brought food from subway. We went to the improv session which was freakin awesome. The thespians were really good. Later that night we went to the after party where we bought gelato, I got mine for free yay me, and we sang charaoke. After that we left and went to the after after party. But first we walked around city place then aftewrds we went to the show. But before we went to the show we went to a chocolate store and got ice cream on brownie and some chocolate. After that we moved C#& car and then went to the after after party. The show was awesome. After that C#^=€/   and I got a ride home. It was an awesome day. Twas super fun.