My feet on way to dr. apt.



Today I had my gastroenterology appointment. I hadnt eaten in 3 days. I couldnt wait for it to be over so I could finally eat. Anyways I got there and they gave me my iv then did my exam and afterward the dr said everything looked good but she also took biopsies. After I woke up they fed me and took me to wait for my ride. Sis can for me with James. They took me to Chipotle to eat where I got a chicken bowl. Mommy changed her mind and said not to get her one. Anyways Im just happy that after all the torture I finally got the exam done. Yay me.

My feet at eye doctor

So today was my eye appointment. It took two buses to get there. Anyways I showed up and filled out the paperwork then waited for my turn. When I got called back a thin older woman was the person examining me. She showed me pictures of her grandson whom she bought a $60 toy for at toy r us. She also showed me a photo of her son anh his wife. She was pretty cool, we talked about some other stuff while she put different fluids into my eyes and asked me to read letters and she looked into my eyes with a machine. Afterwards she took me to a different waiting room and at that point I couldnt see anything that was close to my face. After a little while she called me into another room and the doctor came in and examined my eyes with a super bright light. She told me I had allergies and gave me some eye drops and then told me to buy allergy drops but to only use them if I really needed to because they would dry my eyes out. After that I went home and saw for myself how huge my pupils  were. They stayed that way for a while too lol. All in all an interesting day.