On my way to doctor apt.

Went to my primary care doctor today and on my almost 3 mile walk there I walked within one foot from a black snake and right after that I came across about 20 iguanas. It was a hot walk and the lack of sun shades made it worse not to mention that the umbrella didn’t cover me very well. Anyway the doctor a young white female and a medical student a young black female both slim and attractive checked my feet and my back and told me that I was fine and that I’d need an mri to see if my scoliosis was causing pinched nerves. While they examined me we all talked about being germaphobes and how we all washed our hands alot and didn’t like shaking hands or touching door handles. It was hilarious.






Well we got a five day notice and had to move. Good thing we had prior warning or else things could’ve been bad. As it is things weren’t that great, we had to leave all of my bikes. One got left in the apartment and I also left a full bottle of soap and lost my stylus as well as left the matress for my cot and left most of my pillows. I hope I’ll have the money to buy a bed when we move. Also the ramp for the truck broke because it was rusty oh joy.






My feet at girl empowerment convention

Well twas a fascinating day today, I went to a few of the presentations including one by Bonnie Saint John. She’s really awesome and I can officially say that I’ve met an Olympian. I also met a woman who runs a foundation to help trafficked teens. The school we went to also had recycling bins which is awesome. All in all the convention was fun we got free lunch and earlier I got free breakfast from Panera Bread which was super yummy. Only down side is that the person who ordered it for me had the spinach and tomato taken off of it. The sandwich would’ve be amazing with spinach and tomato and as a test to myself I’m going to go to Panera Bread for breakfast soon and get that sandwich with everything on it. Yummy I can’t wait.