My feet at sleep study

Today I got a ride from my sister and her bf for $5 lol to a sleep study at jfk sleep center. We at first didn’t know how to get in and I almost went to the back of the building but then I called the sleep center and they told me how to get in basically I had to press the button to get in. I finally got in when a man opened the door. When I got in with my sleep clothes and bedroom slippers and stuff in my bag I got taken to a room and as I was on my way to my room I saw another patient, an older white male, waiting in one of the rooms speaking to the same woman who was taking care of both of us. When I got into the room the woman put on a video for me to watch which was basically only about sleep apnea. I learned that it mainly happens to people that are overweight and can happen to people who snore. I was pretty sure I didn’t have it and the woman seeing me was too. But either way I had to watch it. Anyways around 8pm or so I started getting pretty tired I changed into my sleep clothes and around that time I decided to lay down and turn the t.v. off which was showing some odd movie with what looked like aliens or non humans or something. I was waiting for the woman to hook me up to all of the wires so I could go to bed she had asked earlier what time I usually go to bed and I told her 8pm and she said good and that she would hook up the other patient first then me and right after that I could go to bed because she likes to have her patients go to sleep at the same time. It took a while to hook him up then finally she came to me and the process was weird she put things with gel in my hair she even cleaned my skin with abrasive wipes so the stuff would stick to my face. She hooked things to my legs as well by putting them down the legs of my pants. Finally she put a breathing thing in my nose to measure my breaths. Sadly I was told I would have to leave at about 5am. So I told her I couldn’t cause the bus probably wouldn’t run that earl plus I wanted to go upstairs and get some blood work done at quest diagnostics. So she said yeah I could hang out until they opened. Anyways once I was hooked up she went out and through the cameras in my room she watched as she had me do certain things like pretend to snore, move my legs and eyes etc… I did all that and then was able to go to sleep. The thing in my nose was annoying and the pillows were those puffy kinds that were filled with air and would deflate as you lay on them. Finally I fell asleep. Before bed she told me that to get her attention to just put up my hand and before bed I had to call her cuz I needed an extra pair of socks from my bag but because I was hooked to a machine that was hooked to something on a table next to my bed on the other side from the table where my clothes were I had to call her to pass it to me.
Well part way through the night at about 3am or so I woke up and had to have her come unhook me so that I could go to the restroom and brush my teeth and then when I asked her what time it was she said it was like 3 and that in a few hours she’d be unhooking me. I got worried after she left and couldn’t go back to sleep so I waved my hand to see if she was still going to let me stay in the building until at least 6:30 am or so but she never came. I’m guessing she was seeing to her other patient but I’m not sure. Anyways finally it came time to get unhooked and then she said I could hang out for a few hours or so then told the man to let me into the building so that I could go to quest diagnostics upstairs as the outside doors were locked. Before that the other patient left and they asked if I wanted to leave too and I said no and that’s when she said I could stay and told him to let me into the building. Then she left and I stayed and watched Dr. Who. Basically the team was seeing aliens in suits but every time they saw them they forgot they had seen them. But it all started with them being in the Whitehouse and talking to the president and Dr. Who convincing him to let them stay and stop some threat or something. The episodes ended up with all the team members being killed by the president after one of the women tried to save Dr. Who by shooting someone who was supposed to be the cause for his death and they apparently knew because they had seen the future in another episode. Well Dr. Who was locked up and they were walling him into a room within a room with some kind of indestructible bricks. Even though I had never watched Dr. Who before but had heard of it I found myself being interested in it. The episodes I saw were pretty cool. Well eventually the guy came in and told me it was time to go into the building to wait for quest diagnostics to open. He gave me directions but I already knew how to get there so I went up and was happy to see that there was a long padded black bench to sit on. I was still a bit tired so I lay down put my phone to charge and chilled out for a while. After a while a guy showed up and when he saw me he realized I was waiting in line and he stood behind my bench in the hall. Earlier a few women had already gone into the office to start working. Eventually the man said he thought the door was open but I hadn’t heard so I was like I don’t think so, so we kept waiting but then I realized it was after 7am and so I checked the door and it turns out he was right, the door was open.
So I went in, I was first in line I got my test done and as I got my blood drawn more people came in. While getting my blood drawn I spoke to the phlebotomist. She was talking to me about my music studying and stuff like that. Anyways after I left I saw that like 10 people were in the waiting room and I got so happy that I was so early. I got outside and walked to the bus stop in front of the hospital and went home.



My feet at Snack tasting and Karaoke


Today was the snack tasting but first me and my mom decided to go grocery shopping. So we walked to the store and got some groceries but I got sick and had to use the restroom and then but a fruit to eat. I ended up buying bananas and eating one as we were leaving the store. While we were in the store we got separated and I didnt know what to get so I got some stuff I wanted and then we mett up and finished shopping and ma reminded me of some other stuff I needed to get. After we got everything we cashed out and had to push some guys stuff back because he was putting his groceries up while our groceries were still in the cart. It was really annoying. Anyways we got done and left and walked home then almost all the way home I got a text that James was on his way. I texted back that I needed 30 minutes. But either way I got home and started unpacking the cart and then got ready. Sadly sis was in the bathroom so I had to wait but I finally got in but James was already waiting outside. I got ready as fast as I could then went downstairs but I had to come back up because I had my spare pants in my bag still. So after emptying some stuff I didn’t need I got back in the car and we were off to Fort Lauderdale. We got there at 1:47pm and we got in a very long line. We saw D/#&@ and a  J”&=? In line and then we finally got in. We waited a while in the store and looked around after getting a ticket and being told jokingly not to ask the guys giving out the stickers and tickets any questions cuz they would lie to us. At the meetup was three new people an Asian man named Makoto an Asian woman M@^^/# and a black girl with long natural hair. We all hung out and talked Juan got some comics. After a while we were able to go in but not before we checked out the anime section and found the sailor moon stuff. When we went in with the last of our group we got the sancks and aloe vera water which was awesome and sat to eat. We had some purple pocky sticks, cheese puffs and some other snacks. We got a paper to fill out for what snacks we wanted and also to sign up for the email list. Afterwards we all hung out in the room we were in which was a separate section of the store a while different room next door to the main room. We decided to go upstairs where people had huge models od battle fields with fake trees and people and stuff like that and they were playing with dice and then picking up some of the dice and recasting them. Later on we all gathered outside after buying snacks after me telling some of the others about the buy 2 snacks get one free coupon and then we got ready to go to R.O.K restaurant. We got a room and sat down at the table and got waters all around and placed our orders. Later the waitress came back with the appetizers and I ate most of it cuz I was hungry. I got fried rice which was good but I had also wanted to try the noodles but I had had a bad experience at another restaurant and the rice was good so I was happy. Turns out I shouldnt have spent the money because my visa gift card didnt go through and also Ja:&^;*! had gotten some extras for everyone. The extras were tasty wings which had some wierd tasting seasoning on them but the kimchi dumplings were good. We sang a bunch of songs including Paramore Aint It Fun. After a while I heard them sayingg that someone was coming with their sister and it turns out that Emily and Katie were coming. J@^/€& and B@&&/€ stayed behind to hang out with them. They got there right when everyome else was leaving. We were there for almost 3 hours. At one point I was actually getting sleepy and bored. But it was still fun. Im not happy I’ve spent so much money recently but I still had fun. Sadly again for the umpteenth time someone had to help pay for my meal 🙁. This time it was Jen. Anyways I still had fun but I really would like to start saving for my bed for when we move. All in all good day.

My feet at Game Night


Today I got picked up by Miki with H@×¥ to go to the game night. I had been sleeping all day and the phone woke me up. It was Miki calling so I got up got dressed and went to the car. I had made sure to shower ahead of time. Anyways we got there and it was a basically good party we played Resistance and I was on the side of the Resistance every time except like the last time. In the second to last round they were all saying that I was the spy when in fact I wasn’t. It was a really fun game. After that we played Superfight. That was fun. In one round I was a rabid pikachu who could move my mustache at will. But my opponent was my mom and I cant remember her power but she, Miki ended up winning lol. Anyways while this was going on James and Jen were playing Chess. There were also three pizzas one buffalo chicken which I didnt particularly like, one was veggie which had no flavor whatsoever and the last was plain. Anyways it was a great party and right before me Miki and H@£¥ left we played that tv game where you log into a site and write quips and stuff. The games was fun. All in all a great game night.

My feet at Food Pantry


Today I decided to go to the food pantry in Boca but because Im not a morning person I decided to go in the evening. I remembered how to get there in the bus so I got the bus there and went to the door to get my bags but when I got to the door it was closed. I turned to the other office and I saw someone coming out with a bag so I decided they must be giving the food out in the main office so I went over and asked for my bag. They gave me one bag and a bag of meat but there were no fruits and veggies or eggs and milk. I asked to use the phone and called mommy to ask what I should do. She said I should wait but I didn’t want to because I’d have to wait a whole hour and I couldnt wait in the building or on the premises. Anyways I decided to wait afterall and asked where I could go to hang out. I ended up deciding to go to the thrift store becuase I figured that even though she said the evening dinner was for families that they wouldn’t let me starve so I decided to dodge the food place presuming they would be expensive. I went into the thrift store and did some looking around for storage containers but the container I saw including everything else was much too expensive so I decided to get something else. I didn’t want to spend any money but the hour was going by so slowly that I ended up wanting to buy a face mask for keeping out light when you sleep however I had to spend $10 cuz I was using a card to pay so I ended up trying on clothes and I settled on a pair of white pants. I bought the two items then went outsode to wait but sadly a guy outside who was sitting on couches in front of a place with other people was smoking. Blah nott happy but oh well I eventually left and went back and got there just in time to see other people pulling in in their cars. We finally went in and I got some small cartons of milk and yogurt then got a meal with cuties, a banana and an apple. Afterwards I got seconds and also got some juice to take home and some chocolate milk. I also got a second bottle of orange juice which was awesome. Anywas finally it was time to go home and I followed some people out to the road two women who had a little tif with the worker about bags and that I had asked about getting seconds and I though they were going to go to the bus stop but instead they walked past it. I decided to walk the opposite direction so I was actually at the other bus stop and I realized that the bus was every 20 minutes so it was awesome I didnt have to wait long for the next bus as I had seen one leaving while I was walking to the stop. Also really good thing I went to that stop because there was a covering and a big bench. Anyways good haul and good day.

My feet at womens health conference and Death Note party




So today I got up early and got the bus to get to the womens health conference for 10am. However I got off at the first stop for the school and then walked all the way to bus stop from there and got there 2 minutes late and the bus was already gone by then. I had to then decide if I wanted to be an hour late to the conference or spend the $5.30 to get an uber there and be on time. I decided to get an uber so I got a wifi connection. Got a one hour pass from xfinity and then pulled up my uber and of course I forgot to get it through Ibotta so I didnt get my $1 back but oh well it was an extenuating circumstance. Anyways my driver was pretty great and then I got there and because I couldn’t pay the $20 for the event they let me volunteer for the lunch serving. I went to the financial wellness workshop and then I went and got ready to help serve lunch. We got gloves and one of the guys spoke to me about habitat for humanity and how they have affordable furniture so I wrote that down in my tblet for when we move. Then we all got ready to serve. I was the first one in the serving line with the salad, rolls, utensils and plates. The salad was self serve and all I had to do was make sure that the stuff didn’t run out. However we realized the self serve salad was holding up the line so it was moved to the back of the line. After a while the salad ran out and we had to put another container of salad out. Anyways finally it was my turn to have lunch and I got fish and chicken and then got some to put in my container for taking home. It turns out there was alooot of leftovers and I got like 3 containers of food including a container I was given to take food home. The key note speaker who spoke during lunch was a psychologist who worked in her own office and with NAMI and she spoke mainly about depression and things like that. I asked a few questions about bipolar and PMDD which I learned was anew diagnosis only around for about 3 years or so. She gave me answers and then afterwards I asked her about getting a proper diagnosis at her office and she mentioned that they dont take my insurance but I could get fully reimbursed depending on the insurance plan I have and that also NAMI could help and their services are free. She also told me that she liked my questions. anywyas after that I went to the Creative Entrepreneurship workshop. Oh and during lunch I had aksed to get my gift because I would be leaving early so I just filled out a survey and then the woman brought me a shirt. I didn’t get desert but that was fine the less sugar the better right. Anyways after the event I went to catch the bus. There was another bus that came first that was also going to the school but I didn’t get on it cuz I thought it migt get me there late so I instead waited for the bus I was supposed to be on but of course I ended up missing the bus even though i ran and then I went to Racetrak to try to get wifi cuz Juan was coming to get me and I wanted to tell him I would be late or whatever. However turns out I don’t have his number so I called mom and Javier instead and let Javier give him the message for me then I met this Jamaican couple that was on vacation and they were waiting for the bus too and i was wondering if I should split a ride to the mall with them $6 each but they were like we’ll wait for the bus but then the bus was half an hour late so i was really late to get home. Anywyas I finally got home and I was letting Juan know but apparently he hadn’t even left home yet so I decided to go shower to get ready. And then I finally got picked up and we got to Javiers house at about 7pm or so. Anyways we waited for some other then started the movie. But wait before the movie e all video chatter with Ch^&^$@ and then we watched the movie. However almost all the way through the movie we realized that people H##%^ and Dh^*%& were throwing up cuz they drank too much. So Javier sent them home and they got rides and then we cleaned up the mess and watched the rest of the movie. The movie was okay but it could’ve been better. Turns out it was Netflix original movie. Anyways some people hung out for a bit longer then went home then later on me James and Javier went to sleep and the we got up early and I tried to fix my phone during breakfast which was really good but it didn’t work so later on when we left to go home we passed by Wlmart and spent hours trying to get my phone fixed with tracfone. They had to send me a new phone after I return this one then we left from there and decided to go to Menchies and Chipotle on a whim. We got a very small discount form Menchies by using our chipotle receipts. The food was good and I took James in so I could shoare the food out for him. We decided to share with each other what we got. It turns out the enchilada or whatever it was that he got was pretty good. anywyas it was an eventful day and I had a ot of food t the end of it including leftovers from breakfast. Basically a good day.

My feet at sketch meetup


Today was another sketch meetup. I alsot didnt make it because I had to get the bus hours in advance and woulve had to wait 45 minutes until the time of the meetup so instead I decided to catch the later bus and got there about half an hour late but it wasnt too bad. It was awesome cuz there were other ladies there. Anyways I made sure to eat before I left the house so I was full. I decided to draw a teacup. Its not perfect but I’ll add a photo of it anyways. The Common Grounds Coffee shop was aweosme as usual and after they closed at 3pm and the owner gave us a card with punches for a free coffee we went to Starbucks and sat there and continued drawing. all in all it was fun except for the part where Starbucks locked their bathroom and when I asked to use it told me I had to buy something to use it to which I responded my friend bought something. That is the most ridiculous I’ve ever heard of in person. Anyways I had to charge my tablet so I plugged it in behind me. basically it was a great day.