My feet at mall and doctors office


So today I went to my doctor but before I could get on the second bus I had to wait at the mall for a while so I decided to walk around the mall and check out the theatre and tates comics. I even tried on clothes at H&M before catching the second bus. Anyways got to the doctors office and it was full of people including one lady who was very pregnant. Finally it was my turn and a tall Indian male medical student chatted with me while we waited for the doctor. He was really cool. Anyway finally the doctor came and they took me back to get examined. They both felt around for the small nodule in my left breasts. I also tried finding it but couldn’t although later at home I did find it. It’s really small.  During the exam the doctor was pressing pretty hard so twas a bit painful but when the medical student went to find the nodule he was very careful thank goodness. Sometimes I get why people don’t like going to the doctor’s office. Anyway it’s another six months to my next pap smear and another 6 months to get another breast ultrasound. Thank goodness cuz the ultrasound hurt too. Aft error I left the doctor office I went looking for mangoes a and found a tree in a yard with a bee truck in front of it and picked up about 25 mangoes from the ground.  On the way back a guy at the corner store got me a bag and another guy bought me orange juice and strawberry cookies and promised to get me more mangoes.

My feet getting mangoes and avocados

So today I decided to go to Wellington for mangoes. I had to take three buses to get there. The third bus took forever to come. But finally I got to my last stop and then the trek began. I walked for what felt like half an hour but probably wasn’t til I saw the street I was supposed to be on.  I found the house after I passed a bunch of kids, mainly black kids, playing in the road while they’re cellphones lay on the ground by a fire hydrant playing music. Anyways the mangoes had fallen off a tree that was hanging over a fence.  So I picked them up put them in my bag and made my way back to catch the bus.  On my way I saw a fenced in back yard that had mangoes on the ground so I went through someone’s yard to the mango house and as I approached I saw a white man on the shorter side get out of a truck and go inside the house through the garage. I decided to knock on the front door but before I could I heard him coming out of the garage again this time with two small dogs. I asked him if I could have the mangoes and he said yes and let me back to get them. He said they weren’t the “good mangoes” that they were tart.  I was like, in my head, more for me.  So we went into the garage and through a side door that led behind the fence and I picked up all the good mangoes and then went to next mango house which also had a very large avocado tree.  It turns out there were no mangoes or avocados on the ground, even though there was a whole lot in the two large trees, so I kept walking this time on the opposite side of the street and I walked right under an avocado tree with avocados on it hanging over the sidewalk. I picked three big green ones took some pics and got to the bus stop after passing the flaming fountain. There was a white woman with dark hair who looked like a smoker, which was later confirmed when she asked me if I smoked and asked for some money to buy cigarettes, to which I said I didn’t have any money which was a lie but I didn’t want to help her kill herself with cigarettes plus I’m broke,  anyway she was there waiting for her bf and we chatted for a bit then the bus came and I connected to the next bus.  As I was going pass the kpop, anime store I took note of where it was in my memo. On the last connection for the the third bus I was super hungry so I bought two donuts at racetrac, I know I know eating crappie after condemning cigarettes. But in my defense that money came in handy so I wouldn’t starve and donuts don’t for sure kill you and I didn’t buy the banana at the register because I had eaten a bunch at home already. Anyway I finally got the last bus and got home where my sis and her bf had two male friends, James and his brother Sa^&%%€€^/ over for dinner. And all in all it was a fun day even though no one shared their curry with me pouty face🙁

My feet at hospital

So today I went to the doctors office but I went to the wrong place. I ended up at the hospital but the actual office was 5 minutes away driving distance.  Sadly I wasn’t driving but walking and taking the bus so I ended missing my first doctors appointment.  Anyway I finally made it over there after the hospital staff tried to get my tests done at the hospital instead but sadly they didn’t do the type of test I needed there so I had to wait an hour for the bus after walking to a different building in the hospital property looking to see if that’s where my doctor was.  Anyway I finally got to my second appointment and had to wait forever to get the scan and when they finally got it done they found a little nodule in my left breast. They said it was probably nothing to worry about though and sent me of to go see the gyn and told me to come check it again in six months. So I leat the gyn caught the bus pretty quickly after leaving the building.  I got home showered and went to my chiropractor appointment. Oh I’m gonna be so fit with all this walking lol. Anyway all in all an interesting day.

My feet at Dr office

So today I went to the doctor office and I was lucky because they waived my copay. Thank goodness. After I borrowed a book at the library on the way to the office saw the doctor then left to go back to catch the bus I got there and the bus went by just as I got there. I was super hungry and I knew the bus ran every hour so I went in search of food. I decided finally on seven eleven. I got a bottle of orange juice a hot chicken sandwich and a slice of cheese pizza. I ate the sandwich on a nice rock bench drank th the orange juice and then took the slice of pizza home for mom and sis. I ended still waiting about 45 minutes for the bus. When it finally got there I was so happy. On the walk home my feet were killing me, but I persevered and made it home.