My feet at kpop store, Boba tea an Thai restaurant

So today is now 4 days after my laproscopic, etc… surgery and I’m going to meet the group for a meetup at the kpop store and the Boba tea store. I asked James to pick me up but first I wanted to pass by walmart and get some groceries. After that we were off to the kpop store but on the way I asked him to stop at Winn Dixie so I could get some food. I got a salad and a naked juice. After that we arrived and I spent some time looking around the store was full of people who were all apparently from the meetup group. I checked out the cd section and there was music from all the major artist and even an nsonic poster. I eventually got some noodles, a Ramone drink and an ice cream. Later I also got a sailor moon poster for about 5 dollars. I wished I had left the noodles and just gotten the poster, drink and ice-cream but it’s cool I’ll just work extra hard to make that money back. The girl working at the counter was named Jasmine and James and I waited for her so she could follow us to the Boba tea place. After we all got there and the others got their teas Ch$^€^!%* asked the manager of the next door Thai restaurant to set up a table for us so we could sit and eat. Ch/ €^!%! and James shared their sushi with me and I also ate my salad. After that we all hung out talking until almost midnight. I met some really cool people including two new members from India and a blonde guy who did martial arts and worked in the medical field. All in all it was a fun day.

My feet at Hatsume fair 

So today C&:!%£*”* treated me to the Hatsume fair for my birthday. I got a shirt printed and saw a lot of cool costumes. There was also a huge snake in the park. I think it was venomous too. It was brown and next to water so I think it was a cottonmouth. Sadly I wasn’t able to buy anything or get any food but I had brought chips, it wasn’t until me and James went to the movie later that I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything except chips all day. So on the way home from the movie we passed by mcdonalds and I got a mcdouble and a McChicken. Anyways as mentioned after the Hatsume fair James and I went to my house where he waited while I showered and got ready to go. My sister was half naked as usual so he couldn’t come inside plus the movie was at 6pm so I had to hurry. I was pretty fast only took about 10 minutes. Power rangers was pretty good and tomorrow the group and I are going to Miami. Hopefully my mom will add on my loan so I can get food etc…

My feet on Clematis eating sushi

So today I took the bus and met C/^*_= early at the library to hang before meeting St#$%€ for sushi later. We bought a donut to tide us over and we sat outside to eat it. We chatted then met S//÷@. We had a lot of food, we had tuna sushi, salmon sushi and another large sushi dish then we had ice cream and cake and some other desert, some kind of donut. The cake was a small round mouse cake that I had the honor of cutting into three pieces. And we had that with vanilla ice cream. The bill was pretty high and we left a 20 dollar tip for the waitress. After that S#//@ gave us both a ride home.  It was an awesome day. 

My feet at dentist

Today I had my next dental appointment. Turns out they worked on my upper left teeth including the broken tooth. It took the injections to fully numb me and then they quickly worked on my teeth and finished up. I was super happy that they fixed my broken tooth, I didn’t realize they would.  Anyway because I wasn’t getting numb they asked if I was a drug addict so I said no and then they noticed that my chart said I was hard to make numb. Anyways I got my filling and crown, I guess, and went home. All in all a good day.