My feet at palmcon2016




So today I got up at about 9am and got ready to meet up for Palmcon2016. I got picked up at the swimming pool and we got dropped off at the palm beach convention center. When we got in no one else was there yet but alot of other people were there some of them in costume. At first we went into a film room where they were showing films by local high school kids. The films were awesome some were scary though. Then after that we met up with the group and walked around. I took pictures then I left and went to the 2 hour film school panel. It was an awesome panel I learned alot. After that I metup with the group and we went to get food. I got a pizza to share with C€@(=/ at the mushroom restaurant and one of the guys got a burger from the place next door but C#^ had brought food from subway. We went to the improv session which was freakin awesome. The thespians were really good. Later that night we went to the after party where we bought gelato, I got mine for free yay me, and we sang charaoke. After that we left and went to the after after party. But first we walked around city place then aftewrds we went to the show. But before we went to the show we went to a chocolate store and got ice cream on brownie and some chocolate. After that we moved C#& car and then went to the after after party. The show was awesome. After that C#^=€/   and I got a ride home. It was an awesome day. Twas super fun.

My feet at farmers table talk

Went to the talk today it was good.

Some organization said based on research All processed food causes cancer,… ALL
We’re 4.5% of the population but we devour 65% of the medicine.

When they cure greed there’ll be a cure for diseases. 

Drug companies spend more money on advertising and marketing than on research.

Plant based diets cure disease.

Gmos are banned all over Europe.

Raw diet can cure autism.

Wheat grass  is very good for you.  Green juice  recipe
Sunflower and pea sprouts good for a meal.

Lemons are a natural detoxifier put it in everything

My feet at writing group.



Today took the bus to where we used to live and met up to write. I got an hour of free Internet and searched the web and proof read the first part of my book. Then I got something to eat when we went outside and they forgot my Shirley temple so I got it for free. Then afterwards I left two writers with the one on Skype from NY and I walked home. It was a good walk and a good group had a pretty good day.

Me at fusion Boba tea meetup

I had amangoes strawberry slushie. We chatted about taking trips to Japan and korea, and one of the girls there bough us all macaroons. After everyone else left me and C/&:;;* went next door to the sushi restaurant and had sushi then we caught an uber home. The sushi came with yummy ginger and a flower as decoration. The driver of the uber was a black woman with very short hair. She was pretty cool.

My feet at women’s health conference

Today I went to the women’s health conference at the Compass Gay and Lesbian center. I met a few Transgendered people as well a vegetarian lesbian couple.  I took part in the meditation class and the self defense class.  The food was free and awesome. All in all a great day.


P.S. according to the female Dr speaker women die from heart disease more than anything else so we have to not smoke, work out and watch our weight. Pretty informative day.

My feet at Dr apt

Today I had my ultrasound, it hurt but I survived. The person that did it was the same woman who talked to me last time when she was trying to fit me into the schedule.  She chatted with me throughout the procedure about my name and how my parents came up with it and her nieces name etc… she was very friendly. Afterwards I went to target but they had no wipes so I caught the bus and went home.