My feet at doctors office and running errands


So long day kind of, I went to my doctor appointment first and got told is was a muscle, not my lung so the doctor did some kind of chiropractic like therapy on me. After that I went to the other doctors office via the highway to sign my release docs then I left from there, went and bought the meat and got a bunch of alba lip gloss and some cereal plus green and pink paint at the harvest store sadly they didn’t have hair ball remedy. Anywho I had to hurry out to get home but had to put air in the tires first. After that small break I got a msg to come get a big of food. I was late but they had my box waiting for me thank goodness. Anywho after that I went to Save-A-Lot then to Wal-Mart.

My feet at soup kitchen and ITP



So went to the soup kitchen today that I’ve never been to, the one close to pantry I go to weekly. They had meatloaf and cookies twas awesome lol. After the food pantry I went to my meeting and it was awesome the bible crew wasn’t there again. Y********* was there today and we all stayed back a lil while after the meeting was over and chatted. After a while M***** showed us the video we did and it was awesome but of course I didn’t like my part of the video as expected but I came to terms with the fact that it’s the real me and it’s fine just the way it is. Anyhow twas an interesting day. I even got to feel a baby kick today that was fun lol.

my feet at vet


So took the kittie to the vet today and got her her medicines. It was an eventful day lol. All the women working there including the doctor were nice even though kittie was feisty as usual. They were all white women between the ages of 30 and 60 although it looked like the doctor could’ve been younger. When I first came in there was a puppy. A cute puppy who just got checked out. Looked like the mom, of the lil blond buy holding the puppies leash, had just come from yoga lol. I was the last apt of the day and the vets were pretty happy about that. Also it was a bad day emotionally speaking and I have to go on a scavenger hunt for my boots on Monday. Oh yay..

my feet at ITP


Tonight’s meeting was awesome the bible gang wasn’t there thank goodness but there were some new people plus some regulars. I was late but we ended up staying until about 9 p.m. because it was M***** birthday. After that I went to pick up my freecycle stuff. I gave the slippers to mommy and kept the other stuff. Yup fun day, cold but fun.

P.S. we had cupcakes to celebrate, I had strawberry, yummy, until the belly ache later on lol.