my feet at doctors and ITP


Well went to Dr today and got ultrasound then left walked home from the mall got pretty wet from the rain then took a shower and went to my group meeting. There was one new person. The usuals weren’t there except E with the baby and other fam but the others there were people I don’t always see and S***** ran the meeting as M**** wasn’t there. All in all great meeting. I had such bad anxiety all day could swear something was wrong with my ultrasound. Was super hungry on way home and bought a bunch of junk food at a gas station then after meeting bought a sub at publix cuz had only junk food all day.IMG_20150423_131259


my feet at gyn appointment

Went to gyn today and saw my new doctor. She tested me found yeast and called in a prescription for me and I’m scheduled for an ultra sound. After that I visited harbor freight and then went to the soup kitchen. Got salad, desserts, veggies and of course the food was awesome, I didn’t even miss having meat that much……they served pork. Any who pretty good meal and doc seemed nice enough.