bus stop feet “I wanna go home”

bus stop

after visiting the state attorney and >>> I’m at the bust stop. While on the bus I met a nice woman with two kids she seems like a really nice person like myself. Marryam and two small daughters. She ended up missing her connecting bus and she needed that bus to get to another bus. she got off in PSL and went to her kid’s doctor’s office to call for a ride I hope she got home okay. She also seems like a reeeally good mom. Her and I were talking alot I felt like maybe it was my fault she missed the bus. At one point a car cut off the bus and when she breaked I fell. Now I’m in pain :(. Otherwise I don’t think anything is broken. Anywho it’s a new day. Idk if I got a text from the doctor yet about my appointment tomorrow and I’m also running low on bus passes. Either way while on the bus someone gave us pamphlets and reminded us of where they do free meals and so I decided to go I hoped they didn’t serve pork but they did I decided screw it I’m hungry and ate it and everything else they had including fruit and juice and a frosted chocolate cupcake. I met one of the unluckiest Aries I’ve ever set eyes on, she had 5 deaths in her family in 3 years and had been through something similar ot me at age 25 but when she was 26 and had a current legal case against people who broke in her house and attacked her. Good thing she learned from what happened to her with her bf when she was younger that those people don’t need sympathy they need punishment and to be separated from regular society because they are dangerous. She’s currently dealing with everything as I will soon be and am doing now. Neither people wanted to give me rides yesterday. I’m just gonna assume they were just very busy :). Anywho watching Red Eye love the part where the family lives ehehe. Okay so what to do today yawn. Took my prozac last night. I just hope I have enough to last me until my next appointment after the 29th. Hands clinic told me my new appointment is now in October. I should move to Canada. Worst medical system in the bloody world and supposedly such a great country. But then again so is our “justice system” complete bullocks. I found if interesting that the woman I spoke to agreed with me that women should be put in office more.


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