My feet at Walmart in the parking lot

My feet at Walmart in the parking lot

My toes held tight to the inside of my bright neon purple shoes as I speedily and slowly made my way through the aisles of the large store. My socks made the going easy keeping the hard edges of the shoe from grinding against my ankles. After getting almost everything on the list my feet glided to the chip aisle where my toes first followed by the rest of my feet encountered K****** and A****. At first my toes wanted to turn around and go the other way and then my heels decided that there was no way we were going to change our lives for other people anymore. I went right up behind them after seeing the shock and maybe embarrassment on her face and I asked excuse me as they were standing in front of the chips I wanted to get to. They excused me and I grabbed the bag but then saw a larger section of the same chips and took a different flavor instead. They were talking I’m not sure if to me or each other and then through the connections of my body I heard my ears hear the words “I like your new haircut” from K***** to which I responded “thank you” in a more monotone voice without looking at her. My insteps worked with the rest of my feet to get me to the pet aisles where my eyes and fingers found my pocket calculator, compared the prices, called mommy to let her know my findings and then picked up the big bag of cat food and went to find a person to cash me out and as I was leaving the aisles I saw them walk past me on the other side and heard K***** say something like “she …….” I didn’t hear the rest. I cashed out two different transactions put the change and the receipts in the bags then thought about it and went and got 4 more notebooks as they were only $0.50. In conjunction with neighbors hand 1 & 2 I drove home and made a sandwich of sausage, eggs, avocado, cheese and chicken hotdog with toasted buttered wheat bread. My neighbor mouth is very pleased and if mouth is pleased then stomach is overjoyed……yummy


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