My feet at Bealls and home after shopping

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at Bealls and home after shopping

I went to Bealls today and got a few items. I ended up only getting one of the items I had on layaway. Mutable much myself lol. I spent about half an hour or so talking to Harriet at the UCLA rape treatment center where they offer free counseling to rape survivors. She thought, like I and many others did, that there would be free counseling offered in this area sadly but there was not. She said that if I relocated to Los Angeles I would be able to get the counseling and other services I needed. I will have to seriously look into that.

Anyways I found these skechers shoes I really wanted …they have memory foam but sadly like other shoe companies Skechers did not have a 10.5 size only 10 which was too small and no size 11, which would’ve been too big anyways. So I made a petition on one of the many petition sites and tomorrow I will make more petitions on other sites to request back half sizes for women with feet over a size ten. The cashier and a customer behind me were all saying that we had big feet and that it was so difficult to find shoes that fit or that looked good. So let’s stop talking amongst ourselves and let’s start speaking to them.

Very tired off to bed until tomorrow.

P.S. Samuel actually texted me today yay me.


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