My feet at Bealls

My feet at Bealls

went to Bealls again today I love this store. Sadly I had to return my cute sandals yesterday because they didn’t fit “woe is me” good thing I got pictures of them on my feet before the sad moment lol. watched 6 Souls, Star Trek into Darkness and Trance. Trance was insane I love Rosario Dawson and James MacAvoy :). 6 Souls was very creepy and omg I’m so going to have to watch the sequel when it gets made. And OMG I LOVED THE NEW STAR TREK MOVIE. Went to Publix tonight and btw I have a bone to pick with banks and atms…. and stores that don’t give cash back and call themselves “convenience” stores. Spent most of the day emptying my car to get it towed and repaired and in doing laundry. Still doing laundry 😦 lol. I just want to go to bed.

P.S. try to never have the need to give kittie starpill ever again….it made her lethargic and depressed and in so doing I spent days worrying and stressing. I’m still worried.


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