my feet at Publix

my feet at Publix

Well it turns out that they gaveme a pill for a dog not a cat omg. It explains why the pill was so big. I wish I had paid better attention. I’m just happy that I mentioned it when I called about her eyes being runny today. Anywho I went back to the veterinarian got the correct pill and the woman who got me the pill and older woman with very short cropped white hair said that she was sorry and that she was the one who gave me wrong pill. She was very apologetic but I was on the phone with her earlier and she told me that 24 had gone by since she took the pill on 9/10/2013 so she should be okay. I’m soooooo happy that my baby is okay.

So after getting the correct medicine I went to my meeting at The Inner Truth Project and I met some really nice women. I heard some amazing stories and I feel so much better to have met these women who have been through the same experiences and as a result truly understand me and what I feel and have been through and am going through.
I can’t wait for the next meeting.

I got the dvd Insidious after getting a code for free rental because I had forgotten to return the movie to Publix when I passed after the meeting to get chicken etc…

Did laundry all night and still doing laundry and tomorrow the cleaning continues. Having a kittie is like having a baby lol.

So that is where my feet have gone today …until next time


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