Me Feet At La Luna Cafe in Civic Center

Me Feet At La Luna Cafe in Civic Center

I went to the Civic Center today. I was hungry because I didn’t eat so I went to the cafe and got two scoops of ice cream. I was a bit disoriented this morning and thought that I was late for the bus and was all frazzled it turns out that I was perfectly on time in fact I was an hour early lol. Anywho I had a scoop of chocolate chip vanilla gelato and a scoop of mint chocolate chip gelato and got change for a stayfree pad and for the bus pass. lol. Anywho it was pouring like it was a tsunami. I also saw an aliigator today and took some photos. Anywho I got on the bus got the other bus got to the school and just my luck the parking lot had about 3 inches of water and as soon as I stepped off the bus and started walking my shoes and feet got completely soaked …..I was so sad…it was a tragedy. After that I spent the whole evening with cold feet lol. It sucked. anywho i learned crcheting tody and met some cool people. Zykia, Keoki and Patrick.


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