My feet at Inner Truth Project and Bealls….again

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at Inner Truth Project and Bealls....again

I went to Bealls to return my pink tights this morning and also Save-A-Lot to return some stuff then tried to pay off loan but no joy. It was more than I had and they didn’t take debit cards so oh well. Anywho I took the bus home it took a long stop at the Community Center then I finally got home….I was so happy to finally get home I was sleeping on the bus. Of course on my walk home as has happened the last few times I’ve walked that sidewalk I saw one of those blacks snakes lol. Anywho I got home ate after showering and washing my hair. Talked to Alan for a bit and asked him to ask Kristine the cost for a drawing for ma. Anywho I took a nap after asking Mel and Mindi for a ride and then I got up and got ready and Mindi had said she’d give me a ride but lucky me ma came home and I was able to go at a reasonable time instead of having to go wait for like 40 minutes bleh lol. The meeting was awesome tonight. Before I left I went to the bank, got some baked ziti and pizza from Big Apple, got gas and sadly had to run home without being able to go to the Dollar store so instead I ran home dropped off all the food because I wouldn’t have time to eat it and then wen to the meeting. We have some awesome upcoming events I can’t wait. Take Back The Night, Invisible War, etc..etc.. I got some information for authors and books to look up as well. After the meeting I got a bunch of clothes from the clothing exchange and then bought some Wendy’s, because I’m greedy and couldn’t just wait to come home and eat my pizza lol. Before coming home I checked to see if I could still go to the dollar store but they were closed so instead I went to Walmart. I was at Walmart for about half an hour and had forgotten something in my car so I had to get it and the entire time I was at Walmart there was a guy (AA male) hanging out in front of the store. The fact that it bothered me that he was in front of store shows me either how much I fear men now, as is obvious from the fact that earlier while I waited for Bealls to open I refused to even walk within 10 feet of a white male that was also waiting for the store to open and the other possible reason is that, like alot of other people, I’m probably convinced that AA men shouldn’t look idle. And both of these reactions I had today are sad and a sign of something that is very very wrong with our species, our society and our way of life and culture. I truly hope that one day all people can feel safe, no matter what, in reference to other human beings. Anywho I got home after buying some olive oil, baby powder, baby lotion, hand wipes and a new set of headphones which are awesome btw, ate my pizza anyways so now I’m nice and full and seeing as I haven’t exactly been sleeping the last few nights I’m going to try my very best to go to bed early tonight…………..early as in before 1am lol. Til next time.


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