My feet at Save-A-Lot

My feet at Save-A-Lot

Sorry I haven’t update recently and that this photo sucks but I’ve been sick sooo yeah. So today I got up early and took up my bed and they did fire alarm tests and stuff and it was soo noisy I hate it when they do them….buut my cat hates it even more, poor baby. Anywho I went to four food banks today and had to return one of the 2 sweaters I bought from Bealls. I may just get it next week instead with my Bealls Bucks…I love Bealls bucks. Anywho I came home after going to Save-A-Lot after leaving Bells and I completely forgot to get ginger, red peppers and eggs oh well will just have to get them tomorrow instead because when I went back they were closed already. My body ached all day and I did not want to go to that last food bank I was sooo tired and worn out this flu/cold has been seriously kicking my ass these last few days. But I’ve been beating it back with sleep and cold fighting foods (hence why I need ginger and red peppers) on the bright side I bought a bottle of vitamin c yesterday and I’ve taken like 15 of them so far. anywho I completely vapoRubbed my entire and I have to keep redoing it anywho it’s getting late according to research an hour of sleep before 11pm is worth 2 hours more than an hour of sleep after 11am and it’s already 11 lol. So off to bed with me. It’s getting chilly and I don’t like it but it’s okay. I’m going to work on my 3 month plan. I hope I can buckle down and stick to it this is a matter of life. Anywho eating activia yogurt to help fight my cold and also keep me regular lol killing two birds with one stone.

Until next time.


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