My feet at the recycling plant, Spanish club meeting & Flash Auto

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at the recycling plant, Spanish club meeting & Flash Auto

I went to the Spanish club meeting today got there half an hour late sadly but I got to see Professor Fry again and Damien and Keoke and also be advised of all of the upcoming activities we’re going to be having yay. Anywho I got to take home the guava/cheese pastries, sodas and banana and tortilla chips after the meeting. After that I went to Flash Auto at the referral of the school automotive department and they said it would be $250 dollars to fix the cable of the van door….seriously $250 the f gosh I hate most mechanics they’re such ripoffs. So yeah not going there. The interesting thing is that the mechanic who works with 2 other brothers seems to think that him and have met before and that I’ve spoken to someone there before. Anywho I wrote done their info (Idk why) and then I left and went to the recycling plant and dropped off the recyclables. I just realized that one of the things I recycled had my name and address on it omgeee. Hopefully no one tries to do naughty things with it. Anywho that’s my update for today. I’m still a bit sick coughing my belly hurts and I’ve been drinking lemon/lime juice with stevia all day and using vicks very generously lol. Alright then til next time 🙂


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