My feet on the way home from long day out

My feet on the way home from  long day out

So today was a long day. I got up early and called to wish my goddaughter happy birthday. Then I got off the phone and took a shower and walked to catch the bus. I fell asleep on the bus a bit then I got off and walked to the Vitamin World to meet Jo. She was with another customer for a bit then I got to meet with her. We talked for about half an hour. She told me about Qigong and also about Etherium Gold from natural monatomic minerals. Anywho she seemed really fascinate by me and how “energetic” I am. It was kind of funny but she had a very good point that I need to sleep and also calm my mind. She pretty much asked me how I was the last week or so or since I had seen her and so on. Anywho my plan didn’t work as well as I thought it would. I ended missing the bus by about 30 seconds I could actually see it leaving. I was so aggravated because if only the bus had more frequent stops I would’ve just waited instead I had to walk an hour to the school and then change and when I finally go to the meeting it was like 15 minutes to the end and we wrapped up and went into the office downstairs and chatted about selling ads for club funds to local businesses and so on. The club rep a large black woman with moles was really funny. I had mentioned to another new member an AA girl with long curly hair and a leopard print purse and shoes that I’m really good at sales and that we could work together. I mentioned all the sales jobs I had done in and out over the phone and in person. The club rep then said to me you have such a nice voice we definitely need you to help us sell and I was like I know and she was making jokes about how I was talking about how good I was and etc etc… lol it was funny. There was a dancer there as well and two other male students. The dancer was a cute chubby blonde girl and the two guys were just ordinary guys. One of them was wearing kind of a suit type shirt and pants I think. Anywho after I left with the deal that I would contact them through the page and we could meet up I went to the KSU to see if the meeting had started yet but I didn’t see anything in there. I went to the library and got a list of the labs from the guy with the really curly bushy awesome hair which was pulled back in a long ponytail today. Anywho I went to check out the ASC and then decided to come back a different day and then I left and went to the meeting. When I got there Jeff and Kyle were there as well as others a chubby black female, a few AA males a few white males students and a white female student. I doubt that those were the only members so hopefully some of them will apply for the positions available in the club. I would apply but I’m not sure it would be a good idea. Anywho I got a few slices of pizza while they and I just politely ignored each other. It was kind of funny I had the most simple explanation of what I do out of everyone there. I pretty much was just like oh I’m an artists and everyone else was like oh I’m doing my bachelors or this or that Erika was as funny an vibrant as always. After the meeting I spoke to Shayla in the KSU for a bit. Her and another student AA were all talking about how pretty I was (and in reference to my sweaters and gloves saying that it looked like I was hiding my beauty etc.. lol) and how polite I was and how I had a nice voice and etc..etc.. and when I answered that I wasn’t a Christian not really not anymore but that I was honest (in reference to them asking if I could sign and me saying yes) they were all like omg that’s the best answer I’ve ever heard and etc..etc.. and how some people just say plain yes or no and then they explain and blah blah and I though they were pretty hilarious. In all there were about 3 AA males and I very pretty tall blond girl with very long hair and multiple different types of bracelets on and she was saying how she had dressed goth yesterday and that she was 17 and I was like oh yeah when I was younger I used to do the exact same thing just change my style from one day to the next.
It also confused people at my school. anywho I got Shayla’s ph # and told her I would add her to my new FB page and then I ran off to do my call with the lawyer. I was supposed to do it right after the meeting but it was way too funny hanging out with them so I waited. Anywho I talked to Agnes and told her all the doctor appointments coming up and hat was taking and etc..etc.. and she said she thought I had a strong case and that they would put through for hearing which could take a year. Anywho I got off the phone and perched up in the shade and there was another guy that had come after me a short black male with awesome stripped neon colored socks on and then another male came and sat with us a white male with cool greenish shoes. I wanted to complement their shoes but sadly I was a bit unnerved by being that close to two guys I didn’t know so instead I didn’t say anything even though I wanted to know where he had gotten the socks from. Anywho I got on the bus when it finally came and then got the connecting bus and the boy with the awesome socks also got it and he got off before me and then I got off and walked home even though I was exhausted and just wanted to stay on for a bit longer but I had had that bad experience with the bus before and I didn’t want to potentially get stranded. Anywho I got home and did some email checking and updating on the sites and then I took a nap but sadly some fire broke out upstairs so the alarm went off and I had to put on a robe and take the kittie outside with me and stand there for like an hour while the fire department came and looked over the whole building and then put out the fire and drained the water from the apartment above. I got bitten by like 2 mosquitoes (not happy about that) but anywho I finally was able to go in when they turned off the alarm which apparently was sounding throughout the entire complex or at least the back buildings and then I took a shower and watched Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Now watching Person of Interest and Chicago Fire. Anywho can’t wait to watch The Tomorrow People tomorrow and Law and Order SVU.


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