My feet at therapists office, Bealls, Tropical Smoothie,

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at therapists office, Bealls, Tropical Smoothie,

So today I went to the doctor’s office finally for my first therapy apt. I had to get a cab there because I was cramping but anywho the meeting was awesome. I left and got some Tropical Smoothie and then I went to Bealls and used my Bealls buck and omg I can’t wait for my boots to get to me. I had to make a circular trip of going back to the bank again then back to Bealls then home with ma. After I got done at Bealls for the second time today I went to Dennys and got 2 meals one for me and one for ma after getting some groceries from Save-A-Lot (including aloe). I also got groceries at Publix organic broccoli, chicken, and avocados and regular lemons. I finally was able to get groceries and Save-A-Lot didn’t have the almond milk (sad face) instead they had soy milk which I’m not allowed to drink because it’s bad for health especially for women so I had to go without milk. Anywho I got home watched Law & Order SVU, Ironside, American Horror Story Coven, X-Factor (omg I can’t believe that this person named Paulina was the Paulina Rubio….what happened to her face) anyways I bought a cute breasts cancer awareness bag today and certainly gained some muscle from all the heavy lifting, I also went to the dollar store today. As much as I am energetic it is not easy when the bus system is so bleh like it is here. I soo need my car back. Anywho I’m making a to do list 🙂 til next time.

P.S. the taxi service I used today was awesome I will probably never call a yellow cab again. This service is muuuuch cheaper and reliable and personable. I love it where have they been all my life lol.
P.P.S. I finally ordered my boots today I can’t wait to get them in the mail.
P.P.P.S I donated to the clinic today.


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