My feet at Spanish club lunch

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at Spanish club lunch

Had lunch today at El Patron with club after getting dropped to the bus stop by mom talking to people on the bus (including an AA woman with an eye painted in the middle of her forehead with like dazzles around it a bit ant and short bleached hair) and getting off at downtown stop and waiting for L**i at KFC to get taken over to restaurant. The bus sooo needs more stops omg. While there I saw S**n and there were about 20 of us total including Ke***i and D****n . It seems that Ana left and that’s why I haven’t seen her around sadly. Anywho we had alot of fun. I got a ride back with Sean after but all during dinner we talked about sun signs and charts and one of the women there an AA woman had 6 ids and was telling how true the descriptions were of her kids igns and her own Virgo. I lolled bcuz she was so able to accept the flaws of Virgos which is rare but I think it also comes with true maturity.


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