My feet at Bath and Body Works and Masquerade Gala


VLUU L200  / Samsung L200VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at Bath and Body Works and Masquerade Gala

So today November 3rd Sunday 2013 I went to the Masquerade Gala. I had to run some errands first. The library was closed s I just returned my books plus I didn’t feel like getting the book after-all all with worrying about the germs and all ew. So did you all know that dry cleaners are all closed on Sunday I was shocked to find out and oh yeah sad too lol. I ended up in a place where they wash clothes thinking it was a dry cleaners :(. Anywho the mall wasn’t actually opened until like 11:30 am so I had to friking keep myself busy doing my other errands until the opened and oh yeah then I walked around the mall. I saw that annoying crazy manager who fired me but when I went in after the store had been open for a while I didn’t see her but I did sort of recognize one of the cashiers, a blond woman with a sort of roundish squarish face and jovial aura lol. Anywho I got the cherry blossom lotion and went back to the car to go home. I got told last minute that I had tickets to go to the Gala so I told Sam. He changed his plans so he and I could go and I did a bad thing and went and got him 2 cities away and then let him drive too lol. Anywho it turns out that he loves sweets doesn’t particularly handle stress well = smokes and he is very cool and funny. He drives really fast too. But anywho we went to R**ar thinking it was there and lo and behold it was not. So we tried calling and texting the Ms and they were not able to help us with directions so I ended up at the Civic Center and of course not there either and finally someone told us where SW Dalton street was and I was like oooh funny how you can know a road all along and as soon as someone tells you to go there you just lose all ability to remember where it is unless step by step directions are in front of you. I must say I was a bit depressed and had a headache from the smoking so Sam stopped when I told him lol but yah we finally got there and I wore the dress from Viviana G and my purple wool coat from Nell and the purple scarf from mommy and my black boots and black tights underneath. It was awesome wish I had a full length pic but sadly I don’t oh well. But anywho the food was awesome potatoes with carrots and some kind of awesome chicken ham thing I pulled the ham out. We met alot of people from the local gay community and also signed up for the local chapter and then I dropped him off (had to ask for gas money from two people one guy at the party and another couple of women at the gas station itself just to get back home and this is after I used my money for my medicine for gas as well). Anywho so I dropped him off after talking his ear off all night then I went home and reminisced at the awesomeness of my little adventure it really was something we literally got lost and went everywhere else and even had one guy saying it would take half an hour to get to where we wanted to go and that it would be closed ….he was depressing. But it was worth it to go I got two glittery purple masks and 3 pieces of cake I swear S*** had like 3 slices all for himself lol it was hilarious. We talked about astrology and cell memory and stuff like that for a bit and promised to hang out again soon. Twas a great night.

P.S. I thought the mannequin feet looked cool.
Omg they had one brown mannequin on the mall. I was amazed lol.


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