My feet at the FBI office today

My feet at the FBI office today

I went to the FBI office today and pretty much the situation is that I am not worthy of the money to have the assault against me investigated. In other words we, or more precisely the people who are supposed to protect us…who decide to be a part of the agencies that “protect us”, are putting a price on safety. A price on rape. In other words, in all ways the law is on the criminals’ sides. If they get arrested they live the high life, having all of their needs and even their wants provided for, while the “victims” get to be denied crimes compensation, restraining orders against the perpetrators, explanations of why their cases are dropped and no plea offered and pretty much are neglected in every way. So the question is this, what kind of shitty society rewards criminal behavior and punishes the victims of those criminals………….oh right, a society run by criminals….sociopaths to be exact, a society built on money, based on destruction and xenophobia, set up to protect and benefit only those sociopaths at the top and their “friends”. So the next step is clear. And the steps will continue until progress is made and if more of us will speak out then progress can be fast tracked. The fight is far from over and us releasing the tension on civil rights movements has brought us to the brink and now we must take up the slack once more.

We should control our own bodies, we should be safe, we should be stress free and we should have our needs provided for freely. These are the obvious basics. Why can’t we accept that the sociopathic Nestle CEO own all the water because “water is NOT a basic human right” way of things simply doesn’t work. Why can’t we accept that people who commit crimes should be punished and no amount of money should change whether or not they are convicted and punished and as a result given the clear message that they live in a society with other people and organisms and they are not allowed to break the rules of that society. They set up rules it seems, as a facade to make us feel safe while having almost zero actual safety. We’re afraid of bombs but no one needs to use bombs or other mass destruction weapons to destroy us, all that is necessary is to sit back and let us destroy ourselves. We excel at it. Rape survivors and vets have extraordinarily high levels of PTSD and when you combine people in the armed forces and sexual assaults enacted upon those people, especially at the hands of fellow soldiers and in many cases commanding officers, those symptoms are compounded and made unbearable to a level that most survivors and vets respectively do not usually have the misfortune of experiencing. PTSD makes us unable to function and puts more strain on tax payers. Of course we’ve all probably had the displeasure of learning that the rate of suicide in sexual assault survivors and vets is very high and that the health problems both physical and mental are also very destructive to society, manifesting as mass shootings, anger problems, inability to concentrate, inability to trust, relationship problems, drug and alcohol use, and the list continues on longer than even I know.

Time and time again survivors are given the message through the inaction of police officers, detectives, prosecutors, juries, judges, and others that it is on our shoulders and ours alone that the responsibility of making this world a better and safer place lies. We are having an extremely difficult time accepting this state of affairs and we wake up every day hoping it is not so but every day we are reminded that it is the way things are.

Well now that I have accepted this I hope truly that more will join in the fight.

After all if we do not do it then no one will, and is this really the world we want future generations to inherit. I’d hope not and if my hope is right then we need to break the silence, break the chains, break through the fear and get to work.

We are strong and we can achieve any goal we set our sights on. And this goal is more important than most.


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