My Feet At The Hands Clinic

My Feet At The Hands Clinic

Went to the doctor today for my pap smear. Dr. M****** is an older woman who is very funny lol and assumed I was going to have babies to deal with menstrual cramps. She said my cervix looks terrible and that she’s happy I came in. So apparently things looked soo bad that she just set me up for a follow up immediately. So yeah um it was a cool day at first and by the time I got out it was warm and then I missed the bus so had to wait for an hour. Texted and called Sam but no answer it was his bday …. anyway was having chest pains and told doc but she said I had to see my primary doctor there. Anywho I learned how to properly do a breast exam. It’s supposed to be 4-7 days after period and have to feel for unmoving lumps on the bone/ribs. Also I have to do at least 3 sets of ten kegles a day…but more is better. Anywho got a new appointment set up which I still need to add to my calendar. On the way to the doctor appointment that morning while on the bus I met up with T***** and K****** they were wearing their pink shirts and I was too. However I never ended up going to the Latin Dance event I just didn’t feel well and didn’t want to use 4 more bus passes especially since K**** gave me 2 of his bus passes. While on the bus we sat all together in the upper back side-way seats with our bags on our laps. K****** sat closest and we talked the whole time and he was a little reluctant to leave me on the bus when he and T***** had to get the other bus. I have to admit I really wanted to go to the school and learn the dances there were going to be dance instructors there. Sadly I hadn’t eaten all day as well and I felt sick so I just took the bus down and back home. However all in all it was a good day. Hopefully I can make it to the next Latin Dance.


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