My feet at Community Center

My feet at Community Center

So yesterday I was in the hospital had chest pain and they gave me the full work up and now I have to apply for a charity to pay my bill. Anywho I have yet to pick up my medicine maybe I’ll be able to get it soon. I need two sets of medicine now. So today I was remided by mommy because I forgot, to call about the donations and it turns out it wasn’t at the Civic Center it was at the Community Center instead. So I went over and gave what we had and the woman I spoke to who had a trunk that advertised a local printing company was extremely happy that I donated. I can only assume she was also phillippino like the guy at the hospital who checked me in and told me about the donation pick up. I was pretty happy that I was okay and also that I was able to find the right place to donate. I got there like 15 minutes before it was over.


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