My feet at Mesa de Conversacion


So I didn’t get to go to my group today but I did get to go to my club meeting. I participated in a contest (I had to remember what everyone liked without looking at the paper) and won a $10 gift card to the school bookstore so I bought a flash drive that was on sale. Of course it rained again today making the group a no go. Still upset about that. I really want to see M****** but oh well whatever. So it was fun at the club meeting today there were a few new people and in total there were 12 of us including the professors. I tried the vanilla bean latte today and K***** also gave me his chai tea. I spoke to L**** for a bit while I shopped. She was super friendly/talkative lol. Anywho got home and got the bad news that I couldn’t go tonight so I watched t.v. and played games. All in all a fun night could’ve been better but I coped pretty well I think.

P.S. before the meeting I spoke to admissions and they showed me that the grade change documents weren’t submitted as yet so I emailed the dean when I got home. It also looks as if I took the same class twice *shrug* oh well guess I’ll have to wait and see.


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