My feet at the library

My feet at the library

So today was a pretty busy day for me I finally got my prescriptions. one of the prescriptions tastes awful I might as well drink bitter herbs lol. I also went to the bank and closed the account finally and even after doing that my prescriptions weren’t ready anywho I went to the library and returned Mockingjay and renewed my other books. I picked up my oatmeal and omega gummies then went to the food bank. I got there at the last minute I was the last person and I got two boxes corn and good stuff. Anywho I went and picked up brother then went to Walmart and got my prescriptions finally baby lotion and organic olive oil. Now I’m boycotting them and pretty much alot of stores. Anywho it was an eventful day.

P.S. I got my release form faxed from the bank I just hope it went through.


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