My feet at the hospital

PIC_0396My feet at the hospital

Today I went to the hospital it was a pleasant walk not too hot not too cold. I went to see if I could fax off my paperwork to get my medical bill covered but they were not there (the department I needed to help me) so the security guard told me to come back on Monday. Anywho it was a good walk but it reminded me how aware I am now. I walked next to a parking garage to and from the hospital and I was worried and also worried that the valet guy would follow me. Yeah it’s not good is it. While I was a the front of the hospital I saw a squirrel eating a piece of garbage like a napkin that someone threw away with food on it and also an older white woman with her husband maybe complimented my dress lol. She also had on some nice colorful thing on her arm I believe idk but either way I liked the colors lol. I wore two scarves today as well one to protect neck and one to protect nose. I’ve learned that I’m really not supposed to expose myself to cold air unless I want to end up sick again and this medicine is really gross lol.


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