My feet at recycling plant

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

So I went to the food bank today and a lady there wanted my unfinished scarf.
Lol it was funny but also rude either way I got home roasted veggies, put on the turkey bones to make broth and did some other stuff then had to go because mommy got back and so I spent the evening trying to get stuff to recycle cardboard and cans etc.. with no luck so threw the cardboard out and having a nice guy at the recycling plant give me a dollar for gas the I took pics of peacocks a bit (twice today) then I went to get the dresser and then went back to get a washer they’d thrown out as well. I broke down and had to beg for gas someone bought me a gas tank, someone else gave me a gallon of gas while they were pumping gas and another person gave me a dollar. The guy who bought me the canister actually met me at my car to put the gas in for me. All in all alooot of people helped me out. I was very heartened by that after the fiasco with “she who shall not be named” some days ago lol. Anywho so I’m home got the dresser in so tomorrow have to clean it and start organizing also need to run a bunch of other errands. Right now my hands neighbors are obsessed with crocheting a Bob Marley slouchy beanie hat. lol.

Anywho I had an eventful day today. In fact I saw a foot bath I really wanted but I will have to get it tomorrow. I can’t wait to get it. We need a spa treatment and quick,.. we run around too much. More sleep and foot bathing and less errands we say.

Til next time.


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