My feet at the Inner Truth Project, recycling plant, Spanish club, food pantry

My feet at the food pantry

Today I went to the recycling plant to sell the washer I got $20.40 for it and then on the way back (with the guy who wanted to sell me the bike nagging me to get there already lol) I sold some electronics and got a little over $5 and a tootsie roll. I then went to get the bike but it turned out to be a bike for a kid so I left from KFC where I met the guy and went to my Spanish club meeting. I had about 5 guava pastries and strawberry soda yum then we left because a class was coming in and Ke*** ate the rest of the guava pastries (he can’t eat cheese) so he was happy they were just guava and so was I because I hate cheese in guava pastries sooo gross anywho afterwards I went to CircleK right across the street and got gas there. Then I went to the food bank on the way back home taking Oleander to get there and I got the food then ran out of there because there was a foot massager and I was really tempted to buy it it was one that plugs in. After that I went home got ready to get picked up for the meeting. I tried texting the person who had the cot but they didn’t respond. So hopefully I can get it another time. So I got in took and got ready to leave then just as I was about to floss H******* texted me and said she was outside lol. So being my silly self I said to her once we got that I was going to go in and floss and she was laughing at me lol. So I flossed and said hi to M***** and then we had our meeting. I was exhausted the whole time lol. I learned I have more in common with M****** and I got to hear about the Firewalk …it sounded like it was alot of fun I’d have dine it if I had the money oh well. lol. Anywho til next time.


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