My feet at Save-A-Lot, Dollar General, Nature’s Den and Mechanic

My feet at Save-A-Lot, Dollar General, Nature's Den and Mechanic

So today was eventful all the way eventful. First I sent messages back and forth about some t.v.s that I want to scrap for metal but at only $0.80 a pound for insulated copper I realized the gas price to get the t.v.s wouldn’t even be covered at that price (no wonder more people don’t recycle, not enough incentives to do so, as if saving the planet so that we can continue to live on it isn’t enough of one lol). So anywho I left and went to cash my measley $20 check and only got $18 for it and the lady working behind the counter was pregnant and reminded me of her or maybe any latina woman. So I got my $18 and went to the gas station and while I was waiting for my slice of pizza at Pizza Hut to heat up I pumped my gas and washed my hands then got my pizza which was too small a slice and I wanted to ask for a better deal but decided against it and instead pumped the gas and then went to meet the brother of the guy who said he’d buy the car and when I got close to the mechanic and called him he was still 10 minutes away so I got another slice of pizza at th Big Apple because Pizza Hut had only had one cheese slice left. So after getting my pizza and leaving I met the guy met the mechanic and we did the deal (turns out I didn’t have a title for the car) and then I gave the mechanic the $120 for parking the car and then I left and went to Nature’s Den for some body care products. It turns out that there are lip balms made without petroleum (which causes cancer) and instead made with beeswax and they’re awesome. Then I went to Dollar General for floss and London Yardley soap. I spoke to the cashier and older caucasian woman with dark hair about the store to get organic product s and about mammograms, and poor eating etc..etc.. (we didn’t talk for long because there were others in line behind me. After that I went to Save-a -Lot and got the almond milk, yummy. After that I met the guy for the air mattress, he was a really cool guy and I also got a tiny portable folding chair, a jewelry box and a door shoe holder as well. His fiance came home and he was telling me a story just as she was driving in about something to do with her and afterwards I got really aware of how jealous people can be and I got the rest of my stuff and ran off to get the air mattress which was a few houses away from where I got the free pool/foosball game table. I almost thought it was the same place lol. Afterwards I came home and apparently there’s more that just cat pee on the books so I’m just going to throw them away. And now I’m in the same boat again how to make money. Well art business here I come. Hopefully I can get it up and running asap. After going to Save-A-Lot I went to get a photo of the pool table for bloggy reasons because I forgot yesterday. Anywho I’ve been up for a loooooong time cleaning and responding to email etc… and now I’m officially tired and must go to bed on my new portable bed :). Sadly in light of the situation with the cat poo in the book I’m super squeamish now and even though I wiped everything off I may not be able to sleep tonight. Gosh the things in this world SMH.


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