My feet at the Hands clinic

My feet at the Hands clinic

So 4th therapy appt. today. It was about ocd which apparently I officially have “ritualistic hand washing” lol. A nywho after the appointment I left and went to catch the bus and it took such a long time to come that I was very worried that something was wrong. Apparently I was right I ended up getting picked up from the bus stop by the receptionist at the clinic who was on the way to pick up her son (a cute kid with long curly plaited in 2 pieces ponytails) her other son 17 had curly light bron bleached looking hair in ringlets. the young one is a Capricorn not sure if that’s right with the new chart and also he’s waay too jovial to be a cappy usually they age backwards, the other one is a Taurus and she is a Sag lol, odd mix. So anywho she turns out to be a smoker but unlike some not so great paretns she never smoked in front of her kids but today she was stressed because sh had to leave work and pick up her son and then go back to work aand so she smoked in front of me and all I could think was omg I may die of lung cancer and I don’t even smoke just all the second smoke is enough :(. Anywho so she dropped me off after telling me her horror story about when she tried to move into the apartments where I live. I was really wanting to ask her to drop me off at Nature’s Den but I kept thinking that would be ungratful becuase it would be a long time b4 mommy could get me plus to walk home after I got a ride or to take the bus, which turned out to have been delayed for some reason, would’ve been terrible lol, so I just let her drop me off home as a true ocd I guess I washed everything in very hot water and then ate and the like. Anywho that was my day pretty much.

P.S. on the way from the daycare (which I had turned into that night when I got lost going to pick up the gummy bears) to her house her bf saw her and called her as he was at the gas station about to leave to go to classes. I thought h worked there and asked and she was like nah he’s going to a class.

P.P.S it was funny how when the older son was coming to get the younger brother he was trying to fix his hair even though it looked completely fine (I even told him so and his mom relayed it to him as he was on her side and she was the one that noticed he was trying to fix his hair when he came out and saw me) lol. He had very intense greenish blueish eyes not sure which can’t remember exactly with darkish skin (like Beyonce) and awesome ringlets.

Til next time.


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