My feet at pizza shop, oriental store, Nature’s Den, Dollar General and Save-a-lot

My feet at pizza shop, oriental store, Nature's Den, Dollar General and Save-a-lot

So today was a busy day, I went to the library and typed up my letter to them about “him” and how it was crazy that he was advertising there, I paid my fine (I brought my bag of canned goods in thinking/hoping they were still taking canned goods for fines) and also paid to print my document which it turns out was really expensive (never again), then I got out of there and went to the post office for an envelope and stamps (also expensive), then I left there and went to Nature’s Den, after first putting air in the tires at Hess, where I exchanged the conditioner for CoQ10 lotion and then I got a migraine remedy for ma for Christmas and also two extra, non-vaseline, lip glosses, (I got a 31 cent discount) ahahaha but hey it’s something, anywho after that I put the stuff in the car and went to check out the bike store, on the way there I saw an oriental store and decided to go in for my seaweed but it wasn’t the one I’ve been craving but I got it anyway the Asian women that I can only assumed owned the store was really nice to me. I left and went down to the pizza shop next and ordered a pizza and talked to the guy behind the counter a bit about Trinidad and Tobago and about the rapper with the name of the larger island who I think according to what I’ve heard is from there. The two white males in the 20’s to 30’s that were working the counter were really nice I paid and tipped them after coming out of the restroom which was super awesome, and then I went to the bike shop to ask about the bikes there they said none of them were under $50 oh well. I left and went back to get my pizza and then ran off to the oriental store again where got ginger, tamarind balls, cloves powered, sorrel dried, a few other seasoning powered, an aloe vera pineapple drink, plantain chips and a ginger drink (sadly there were no lemons) again she was really nice with me making jokes and asked me to come back which I responded saying I would :), (when I told ma about the store she figured they might have vanilla beans there). Anywho I left and forgot my pizza and btw everything totaled was soo affordable and the women called me back and handed it to me lol. It was funny anywho then I jumped in the car and headed to dollar general where I bought 4 more of the medicated powders and then also an umbrella. After that I went home. Yup it was an eventful day again but suuuper fun :).

Anwho til next time *waggles toes*.


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