My feet at food pantry and grocery stores

My feet at food pantry and grocery stores

Well I finally got my benefits back thank goodness things were getting iffy for a while there. Anywho I went to the food pantry and I got there at about 5:30 or so. I signed in at #27 and then went to find something to eat. I found a store called Milk N’ Things and saw that they sell sandwiches and subs and I was like yaaaaayyy !!!!! so I went in and asked if they accept EBT for the sandwiches and the Latina girl (at least I thought she was could be totally wrong lol) said yes so I asked for a menu and ordered a Turkey sandwich and it was awesome like really good only thing is they didn’t ask me what kind of bread I wanted it on so I guess they only had one type of bread. Either way the sandwich was good probably something to do with all the mayo and salt and cheese …I also got a slice of chocolate frosted chocolate cake. When I came out some kid on the phone was staring at me while I was talking to myself while checking out the landscaping of the plaza. Anywho I ate half of the sub and then got my first box of food. I was eating inside of the church at one point but it got loud and overly religious so I went outside for a bit. It was pretty cold outside. They decided we could have two boxes bcuz there weren’t that many people this week. yay us lol. Anywho I waited a while for my next box and as I was waiting I was all annoyed because of other new people coming in lol. I was like omg I wanna go home and get warm. I got a woman a box of beans then took some for myself now I have 3 bags of beans and will have to make a big bean casserole for Christmas lol. Anywho afterwards I got my second box and went to Publix and Save-A-Lot. At Save-A-Lot I got one of the bags of food that the church then donates for Christmas.


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