My feet at nurses appointment

My feet at nurses appointment

So today I got my ion foot bath and body scan. The nurse was really nice. she even lotioned my feet yay me.

2nd thing I did was got to my doctor’s appointment then afterwards I talked to someone at the tailoring store about my coat and she told I could just cut the threads connecting the collar. I was pretty happy that is was that easy.

After that I tried getting some stuff at the oriental store but could only get two items and some free bananas because I couldn’t use my card.

So after that I went to the library and picked up my books and got some information about upcoming library events including an art show which I may like to attend.

Then I headed off to Save-A-Lot to get some groceries but not too much and afterwards I headed off to Publix to get some organic groceries and a sub yum. I got it with mustard instead and ooh it was yummy even though I gave half of it to mom lol.

All in all a great day. I can’t wait to hear more about my body scan.


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