My feet at recycle plant and library etc…

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at recycle plant and library etc...

So today I went to the Spanish club and on the way I almost went on the closed road again and had to turn around and as I was going asked T***** if it was right that we had a meeting. However I got no response until I got there and only saw like 4 people who told me it was a board meeting and I left as one of them said they liked my skirt to which I said nothing I thought was loud enough to hear but maybe it was beaue then they enforced their no inactive students policy along with a lot of apologies and excuses via text message. Whatever. Anywho idk if they did hear what I said or not but I will take their word for it as I called the school and they said the same thing yay me. F em. Whatever. Anyfrikin ways I dropped off the recyclables and then went to the beach for a bit(which now has a wall or something built in the middle of it) and when I say beach I mean the place in front of the library lol. I noticed that in light of all the racist nonsense in the news recently I’ve been on my guard around everyone with skin lighter than mine (which makes me super uptight when I go out now). I guess I’m paranoid. Anywho I had a relaxing time at the water after checking out the Nutrition World for new products and getting some magazines. Didn’t see those evil papers either. ……….Anywho I did some internet searching and checked my email. So based on some responses I decided to go and pick on some stuff from freecyclers grr (to say the least) that did not work out. I got lost so I was not able to get my calendar or craft stuff. However hopefully I can get the craft stuff a different day fingers crossed. On the way to get said stuff I tried to get a desk that was out but it was too big so I left it and called ma who said I could use hers yaaaayy !!! (Now all I have to do is get the energy to continue the organization process over there lol. Cold weather makes me so lazy.) And then when I realized I was lost as I got to the end of the street that the directions said I should be on and yet I saw no house I just decided to give it up and go home. The temperature was dropping too so yeah lol. Anywho haven’t left the house since. In the last few days I’ve missed my follow up doctor appointment, my last 2 therapists appointments, my last event at ITP and now I well and truly hate this individualistic nonsense that we do that just doesn’t help at all…correction it helps the people who are already rich or are on their way to being rich. Either way I really wish I had been able to keep my car as the public transportation here is a joke and a tragedy. But alas people refuse to help others only themselves, so here I am in even more need of assistance simply because we’ve so completely bought the idea that we are each an island. Well, rant over, all in all I’m hating the cold air but I’m still basically ok. However I really need to see my doctors asap. It’s amazing how fast I spiral when I stop my therapy and it’s cold and I feel isolated lol. Time for some music yeah

Til next time keep those toes warm everyone


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