My feet at doctor’s office and friends house

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at doctor's office and friends house

So today I went to the gyn yay me not lol. I got there super late and then got set up an appointment for a bunch of tests and then got set another appointment. Some of the people there were bit short with me and fake but whatever. Anywho the building where the office was was about 3 stories and reeeeally nice. While I was there my friend asked me to come by aftewards to do art so I left after the exam and went over to do art. I met her new prospect a Pisces and then a bunch of other people came over. The 3 of us ealier watched Chronicle and did art and ate wings and hung out then later when I went to drop brother to work they went for sushi lol. I came back waited for a bit then a bunch of other people caem including one of my old supervisors from Michael’s and a Virgo guy and the Taurus/ Cusp of Magic couple and M**** and we hung out for a bit and talked about astrology it was fun. I had to leave again to pick bro up but then came back and watched mirrormask with her in room and then got food brought back for me from steak n shake and the left to go home. I ate it when I got home and it was good.

p.s. earlier we had gone to Publix to get the ice cream and as happens Raf saw us and I swear he’s a Cancer who thinks I did something to him because he treats me like I don’t exist.
It’s becoming truly annoying so from now on if I mistakenly see him I will simply ignore him as well and save myself dealing with his petty bullshit.


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