long fun day

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200PIC_0466

PIC_0467long fun day

So today was a good day :). I went to the library and got all of the Storm Constantine books that I don’t already have ordered. Apparently they’re very rare. Some will be coming from London lol. Anywho that was awesome and the guy that helped me, B****, was super happy and fun. I had to try to not say negative things. Anywho he has a list and will keep ordering the books for me and call me when they come in I SO HAPPYYYY. So I dropped off the recyclables earlier then went to the food pantry at the school and then when I called that food pantry, the red Baptist church that’s like never open, they said come at 4 and that’s when I realized I had no books to read and I didn’t feel like reading the papers I’d gotten from Harvest after getting my two taco dinners etc… Instead I went looking for a book at the library and that’s when I decided to accept defeat and have the librarians look up the books and order them in for me. When I went to drop off the recyclables a black male with a very kind and sympathetic and slightly spaced out or concentrating expression on his face came over right away and helped me unload the stuff. I think he’s new I haven’t seen him before.
At the school when I was leaving to go to the food pantry I saw the music professor with the personality problems and superiority complex…. I was annoyed. Anyway I was happy when I got to the food pantry and found the right door and saw the food I was like finally. There were three black women a bit over middle age who took my info and got me the food. I was a bit annoyed that they put the meat in the bag with the other food ew. Yes I’m definitely OCD. After I left the food pantry I started on the way home and saw a msg that bro had to go to work so I went home took in the groceries and then took him to work and then came home and chilled.


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