My feet at a church for Easter Sunday

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at a church for Easter Sunday

so went to a church nearby for Easter and met some people to do quilting for kids in Kenya at an orphanage yay I’m gonna learn how to quilt. Any it was a very colorful day. There were 4 young black women all with different colored hair and striped colorful dresses. I really wanted to get a photo but I didn’t ask because the service was starting and I had to leave. Anywho I got a small wood cross on a metal ball chain. There was no free food like I expected apparently I went to the wrong event for that. If only I could’ve made it to Jaycee park I would’ve had hot dogs and chips instead all I got was free coffee. I was so depressed but the colorfulness of everyone (other people also had colorful hair and super colorful outfits) and plus the eggs and the person in the Easter bunny outfit made it worth it a little. I was still hungry grr. Anywho great day all around. One thing that really got me was that one of the transformers I think had crosses in the concrete on each corner that was apparently put there during the building of the church. Wow can you say extreme.


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