My feet while quilting

My feet while quilting

So yesterday I met S**** who’s mom runs the quilting group and I got her ph number and gave the info to come pick me while we were sitting in the main part of the church. Today at about 5:25 I left to go meet her out front but didn’t see her for a long time then finally I saw her. I was afraid she’d miss me because some other people were standing next to me. Anywho I got to the house we talked on the way there about her brother, medicinal plants, foods tat we like or not (she cannot eat broccoli), tastes and pets and so on and then she checked the mail while I had some sour patch kids. Her and her congregation are really into the God stuff lol. Everyone is God this and God that it’s tiring. Anywho beyond all that her family and her pets are awesome. After playing with the borther and the younger of the two dogs for a bit with the ball launcher her and her went next door to her ma and pa’s house and he had blts for us and I made two wraps for myself but then I laughed while eating and inhaled a bit of the turkey bacon lol. Anywho it was hilarious I coughed for like a hour. On our way to the next house I met one of her sisters a young cute short slim black girl with dark skin and long braids braided into her hair. She’s funny and so is her other sister a girl who has skin like a person from the middles east and actually was making jokes with the other sisters that she was the connection between them color wise it was super funny the whole family is funny. The only hictch is their extreme blind faith in a religion that teaches hate. S****** was talking abotu how she had to write a paper and the topics were sex ed in school and gay rights and she had to go into how “oh they don’t want to know what my beliefs are on gay rights etc..etc..” and she didn’t just say it once she said it multiple times. It was shocking coming form a person who has two non white sisters. Yeah she has a lot of hate in her just like alot of Christians. Oh well hopefully they can grow out of it one day. Either who I loved the quilting it was super fun. There were so many squares f fabric and only two of us sewed. Other than myself and S***** everyone else was about 40 to 60 years old all women and most of them seemingly white. One of them had crutches and she had caramel skin and very dark hair like a light skinned Indian or Native American. It was a fun group. They made alot of jokes about husbands and etc..etc.. and when they brought the sewing machines I was informed after a while of being taught that the one who was teaching me (she is slim and medium height brown hair and owns a sewing machine store) is a professional sewing teacher. I was not surprised, she had a lot of patience. And as I expected I took to sewing very quickly and very well. Yay for Gem. So I was able to sew on all four pieces I had and the others did alot of sorting and cutting and organizing. We got alot done. Only two of us sewed. Myself and one the much older appearing women. She already knew how to sew too and so did S***** two sisters. S***** and the darker of the 2 other sisters both had to help me re-thread the needle. Last time I saw someone use a sewing machine it was in the Caribbean and the machine was manual not automatic like this one. I didn’t even use the foot peddle after I got the hang of it I just used the buttons and plus the machine had a threader on it as well. It was pretty epic. It was a Brother and now I want one after all with my art I’ll need an easier way to sew. Anywho at the end of the quilting session at the beginning of which we prayed for a whole bunch of stuff including a baby with it’s brain outside of it’s skull and some other stuff including death in the family I packed up my stuff and then got a ride home with one of the older women in the group. S***** ma is in Las Vegas to see her new grand baby and her pa will be going soon too. Yay them. We talked about Las Vegas too and we realized we had alot in common we both grew up on properties that had acres of land so the closeness of houses in the places we live now were claustrophobic to us. Anywho great night great food.

P.S. my ptsd is insane at one point the in between colored sister went to refill my water bottle and my crazy self actually got scared wondering if she’d drug me and if they were gonna do something blah blah blah. What can I say I’ve watched alot of CNN. Anywho it was a ridiculous notion but that’s paranoia for ya. Anywho I got home safely and almost all of them could’ve taken me home like 3 of them lived less than a mile from me super cool. Hopefully I can do the quilting thing to it’s end and avoid having to go to their church (the one who dropped me off asked me to come on Sunday).

P.P.S the belief in a loving God who preaches and spreads hate is counter intuitive just saying.
Also the coolest thing the brother’s best friend is a black and he was making jokes about how him and his friend were going to do something a bit dangerous and his best friend said something like “no I can’t go first I’m black I’ll get killed don’t you watch movies” it was epic.


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