my feet at food pantry

PIC_0532PIC_0544my feet at food pantry

Well today was a long day. I went to the doctor’s office and got the run around. Went upstairs to the office of the pulmonary doctor who sent me back downstairs to the office I’d just come from to make an appointment with a primary care doctor. Well I made the appointment but I was annoyed that they didn’t see me even with my referral document. Oh well after leaving I went to like 4 food pantrys including a new one on Hartman road. They had a bunch of salad and when I left I had only taken a few but because they had been trying to give me the food so adamantly I went back and took the rest of the salad which they verified would’ve been thrown away if I hadn’t taken it. Close call. So after that whole awesomeness I went home and got to the intense job of bringing everything in and organizing and washing and etc..etc.. anywho tiring day it was. But I did have fun looking at the water at the church and the orchids growing on the trees.


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