My feet at Spanish class and gift shop at Gardens

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at Spanish class and gift shop at Gardens

So I went to the Spanish class today. I may just succeed in my mission. Scratch that I will. K***** as expected stood me up and I had to walk home in the hot sun with two heavy bags. To say the least I was extraordinarily pissed off. I hate that trait in people I really really really do. Anywho the class was awesome. there were 3 women in their 50’s or 60’s and one male and the teacher was a male in his 60’s maybe who spoke mainly in very fast Spanish. It was an awesome class I still need to do my homework. I even got the number for someone to contact for art production. Good day without all the walking and heat and tiredness considering I woke up at 5am to get my bike then drop off van then catch the bus by getting a ride to the bus stop from R******* wife. Tring day but fun day. I loved all the cats there were at the garden. Only hamper on the experience was seeing “his” flyer there. It’s sad to think how prevalent rape culture is so that survivors are afraid to come forward and the perpetrators keep assaulting and in fact live wonderful lives while ours fall apart or simply flounder. The Scorpio girl I met who simply started ignoring me after a while is his friend. I feel sorry for all these blind idiots. He could know someone for years and still see fit to assault them. And alooot of women are his friend. Well whatever, I can’t save the world if women want to find out for themselves that a guy is bad news more power to them. I did my best I reported him etc..etc.. let the universe handle the rest. I don’t have the energy to deal with catty idiotic women who hate other women enough to stop speaking to me while still socializing with a rapist just because he seems like a “nice guy”. Like I said more power to them. Granted he is very “charming” and a nice sunny blonde so I guess that explains it.

P.S. I wonder if K****** will just pretend she never stood me up and try to be nice as usual. I can honestly say she’s got one more chance and then I’m just done with her. I may see her at a meeting if I ever go back but that will be it.


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