my feet at park and hospital

my feet at park and hospital

So went back to the hospital, finally got car done today. It took 2 hours and I was cold miserable and hungry and they had two trays of food in front of me and I wanted to eat one so badly minus the bread. But I doubted it was something we could have and if I did they’d probably charge me for it lol. Anywho after taking a standing x-ray this time they gave me a referral to a different doctor. I was so ready for a scope into my lung but nah that didn’t happen. As I went to a different hospital in a different city I got to have a nice kind of long drive with great scenery. Anywho the ER doc made sure to tell the pulmonary doctor that I’ll be by next week and to expect me. He spoke to him and gave me all the info. All will be well. After getting out of the hospital I picked up the other shelf that I had seen in front of the house. I figured it was best to get it than to leave it and then have to come back for it all that way. So I just finished cleaning and repairing them. A little bit later after being home for a bit I went to pick up some cleaning wipes from Publix then I dropped off letter and went to the park. I was hoping there would be minimal people men there but sadly the path that goes over that water that I wanted to go on had a guy on it. I’m pretty sure it was a white male in 40 or older a big chubby beer belly and fishing and possibly drinking alcohol. However these are all speculations because I refused to get too close just in case. I know not good to be at a park alone at night but I’m going to do what I want and that includes going to parks that are open at night as this one is. Anywho I stayed for a bit and it was super fun, nice temp and trees everywhere. Anywho came home fixed the shelves and now I’m exhausted but can’t go to bed because I ate late uh oh. So now to digest and take a shower then bed later on.

P.S. I took crochet, a book and spanish homework with me and I only did a bit of crochet and then I got too bored and tired and hungry to do it anymore or do anything else.


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