My feet at food pantry

PIC_0568My feet at food pantry

So went to 3 food pantrys today and I so wanted to go to the beach or park but I was hungry as usual and also alot of the stuff was going to go bad so I went home instead maybe next time I’ll remember to bring food with me and cold storage bags. Anywho the pantry on Ave D finally seemed to be legitimate. It turns out they did it today at 12pm because the truck came late. I got a bunch of frozen platters made of veggies and cheese and fish etc… I also got some raviolis that I ended up having to give away. Some of the black women there who definitely looked worse for wear wouldn’t take the veggies platters because they didn’t know what it was and other sorts of silliness. It’s things like this that make me understand why the other food pantry off of Ave D does classes on nutrition and how to prevent diabetes etc… The guys kept bringing boxes out so I stayed to see what my options were for stuff and I got beef and some spread for sandwiches etc.. and some dip too. All in all a cool intro to the fact that there is a real food pantry there. I also finally went to the one at the white city church, this was earlier before I drove past and saw that the other food pantry was happening. They immediately tried to convert me so I played along. Anywho I got orange juice and right then my park dreams were dashed. I knew from past experience that orange goes bad very very quickly in this kind of heat especially knowing that I wouldn’t want to leave the windows down in the car. Anywho I went home after failing to find another church that was doing a lunch, and I cooked and gave some of the frozen foods to my brother’s vegetarian friend. Later on I went to the night food pantry and I got there just at 7 but gladly they were still there with people so I didn’t feel bad for coming too late, when I finally got my box I think the best thing I had seen all day was almond milk in that box. I was a bit disappointed because in one of the boxes someone had a cantaloupe and I know how much mommy loves those but as I was waiting I heard him, telling a woman who was asking to exchange something, that if he did for her then everyone would want to do that and personally I didn’t think that was true but then again human nature is weird like that he was probably right. Personally I would’ve exchanged it or done what I do and that is to say up front that I don’t eat this and I don’t eat that. Come to think of it other than the other 10lb bag of chicken I can’t remember what we got in that last box. Oh well, food I guess. Anywho now that I’ve stacked up so much food I should be able to buy stuff for myself mainly this coming month. However I’ll still need to keep getting new food pantry stuff. Always need to supplement. A few people in that area responding to a free-cycle post I made asked about pantrys in the area so I’m going to help them out. I know how it was for us before we knew these places existed. We used to be middle middle class so we never needed to know.


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