My feet at Grocery store

My feet at Grocery store

so I went and got a bunch of organic stuff at Publix then went to Save-A-Lot for some more groceries and someone there irritated me to a very high level because she apparently was a having a bad day or whatever her issue was and refused to clean the conveyer belt and scanner for me. I know it’s mean but I hope they fired her she was way too rude. Anyway they helped me at the other register and that is the only reason why I’ll keep shopping there but gosh I hope they got rd of her or at least gave her a warning or something she was way too rude. I mean if a member of her family had died she should’ve gotten paid leave. Idk what her problem was but taking it out on me was completely unnecessary.

P.S. I was finally able to get my organic raspberries yay.


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