My feet at mall

PIC_0583My feet at mall

So today I went shopping with my friend for clothing for a cruise she’s going on. It was a fun day I got Cracker Barrel food and a person met up with me at the strip mall to get the yarn and stuff for a kids art event. We looked almost the whole day before we finally got outfits that fit what we were looking for.
At Cracker Barrel the guy who was hosting an older white male with a very hunched back, got someone to take my order and then sat me to wait for it it didn’t take long thank goodness I was starving lol. He was really nice he came over and spoke to me for a bit while I was waiting and one of the other waitresses came and asked if I was already being served. I told her yes and finally my food came and I went to get the money to pay I got grits, eggs, turkey sausage, biscuits, jelly butter and gravy which I ate even though I knew I shouldn’t because of the pork in it. But I was hungry and it cost money and it would’ve been a waste to throw it away so I ate it. Yes I’m bad I know but ah such is life lol. I think she was a bit irritated when we were at the restaurant maybe because last time she was there the food made her sick so it probably brought back bad memories. Me and my paranoid self centered self thought she may have been annoyed at me of course hey who knows anyways later that evening we made fish and pasta then watch some movies then hung out the neighbors who have two little daughters one of them having distinct blond hair and blue eyes about 2 or so years old. I can never really tell the ages of toddlers. Anywho I watched a bit of Ride Along but i think Kevin Hart is way funnier doing stand up as many stand up comedians are and I watched Source Code (spoiler alert) and it made me super sad at the end because being my depressing self I thought that the happy moment they were all having with the nice day the comedian and all that wouldn’t last and that eventually it would come falling down as it always does in the real world. Maybe I just have a messed up past and it’s skewed my idea of life but that’s just what I thought.

Later that night after I fell asleep in y clothes and all I got up and had a cry fest like you wouldn’t believe. I love emotions they’re so sneaky lol. Anywho I was probably pmsing. No my pmsing does not disqualify me from being able to make proper decisions or to run a company or whatever. So please don’t get that impression. P.S. I’m only mentioning that because of some article or something I read recently where the woman said that a woman she was speaking to said that women couldn’t be presidents because of pms and blah blah blah and it pissed me off and I almost didn’t include the part about how I had a cry fest and it was probably mainly because of pms but then I thought give me a break I’m human I’m allowed to type stuff and it shouldn’t be used to say oh look oh look women are too emotional okay okay now I’m ranting……. anyway it was a fun day yup

P.S. Spoiler alert for Gia …..I also watched Gia but didn’t get to finish until a while later when I got home and omg I loved it even though it was super super super sad at the end omg she was only a baby 26 so young nooooo.

P.P.S. the mall we went to was a really upper class place where a stick of gum probably cost $5 but they’d give it to your free because duh you’re rich or you must be to be shopping there and thereofre you should get free shit for no reason other than being rich. For example at one store we got candy and a bottle of water just because. Oh to have money. This place was insane like ridiculously insane everything was so overpriced. 🙂 lol but it was fun to look for stuff we did eventually get everything and it all matched and it was awesome.
All in all a super fun day.


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