My feet at college

My feet at college

So took bro to college today to do stuff and I even took my pillow and eye cover and book and it was raining and stuff and I had to go pee because I always have to pee these days and when I got back and I finally got all comfy he was like (in a text) I’m ready ….and I thinking good because I didn’t want to fall asleep and miss his text lol.

P.S. when I was exploring the area I parked (by some building in back for STEM that I never really paid attention to or even really knew was there) I saw fever bush and I remembered how that weird drummer guy that used to hang with Flint and the rapist etc… kept asking me if I was sure it was the right plant, it could be it’s look-a-like when I told Flint about it and I was like wow he was totally mansplaining to me. Like omg she couldn’t possible know what she’s talking about even though she’s spent most of her whole childhood drinking and picking and seeing this plant smh anywho til next time toe waggle.

P.P.S. that plant is pretty distinctive from it’s cousin because of it’s orange to yellow colored fruit. it’s cousin doesn’t have those duuuuh lol


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