Yay me I’m officially a year older. I got a nice gift from my momma and a late birthday wish from my sis and wne tto food pantry later in afternoon and got soo many tomatoes yum and watermelon and salad and an orange and and and …… get the point 🙂

All in all twas a good day Usher and Josh won The Voice woohoo and Miami Heat won against Indian Pacers

P.S. I think one of the guys who works at the food pantry likes me or thinks I’m not ocd….I am ocd. He gave an apple he was eating from to be polite I took a bite then I was freaking out that I probably caught e coli or salmonella when I remembered he was carrying meat and boxes and more than likely hadn’t washed his hands before eating the apple and probably hadn’t eaten the apple either. EEEEWWWW I’ve seen people put trash into the compactor where I live just touch that disease ridden handle for the trash chute and then just go about their day I have no faith in the cleanliness of other humans. Bleh I have to go drink some immunity boosting tea now. I mean duh people flush toilets and don’t wash their hands afterwards like they think that people wash their hands THEN flush the toilet so therefore the toilet handle isn’t riddled with fecal matter Earth to Humanity it is riddled with fecal matter omg omg omg that’s why I clean mine ALL THE TIME just saying. I know I’m going on with my lil ocd self buuuut I hate being sick and this is a great way to avoid illness 🙂

P.P.S. I heard that one of the M states has outlawed antibacterial stuff THANK GOODNESS that stuff is creating super-bugs and if we keep using it The Walking Dead will happen for sure. Soap and water is juuuust fine. Anti-bacterial is really really really bad for us and our future survival just say no to anti-bacterial products. I hope they outlaw that everywhere. *fingers crossed*


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