My Feet At Doctor Office

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My Feet At Doctor Office

went to my therapist office today and had my first appointment. My co-pay is so low it’s awesome. I still have to call for my next app. My doctor is very nice as most therapists are. I hope that unlike the past I can continue seeing her for a while like I’m supposed to.

Because ma didn’t know that I had an appointment today I didn’t have my co-pay so I ended up bringing it back when I dropped off bro to work

After taking bro to work I went to a new soup kitchen close to doctor’s office but this was off of ocean blvd and it was a bit of fun finding it. I was looking so hard for it that I ran a red light by accident eek it was a scary moment. But hopefully bcuz I have so many appointments with two different doctors in the area then hopefully I’ll learn that city pretty well soon. I totally need GPS again but maybe me not having it will help me to finally learn direction properly. It was pretty good food too and everyone seemed really nice and I was able to charge my phone etc.. all in all pretty good day


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