My Feet At Doctor Office

PIC_0681My Feet At Doctor Office

So today we went to see the podiatrist woohoo, we got checked out today. We have tendonitis so we have to do some exercises. We’ve been in a bit of pain for a while and we finally got a diagnosis. Guess we’ve been a bit lazy recently …..oops. Anyways we had to walk all the way to the doctor’s office which wasn’t far but it was a bit warm even though it was cool and a bit gray outside which was awesome. Sadly we made a bad choice by not bringing socks and an extra jacket. When we got to doctor’s office it was sooo cold and we ended up being there for about 2 hours bleh it was soo cold. It was a bit frustrating that we didn’t remember the exact bldg we were going to and so at one point we crossed the street thinking we were going to the closer office so then we had to stop and find our paperwork and blah blah just so we could verify exactly where we were going. Omg our memory can be so bad sometimes lol. But anyway we were late because we were not feeling so well this morning and of course we were achy so we walked nice and slow lol.

So we got there and got checked in then hung out in the waiting room for a bit. There was a woman with her baby and mom and at one point she was trying to breast feed under a huge thick blanket and we were thinking after she said “oh you can’t breath under the blanket” to the baby that it seemed odd that she was breastfeeding that way. Why not normal like other people the baby would certainly stifle under a blanket after all. We even mentioned it but we’re sure they, the ma and grandma, didn’t hear us and of course who knows it was probably her preference.

Anyway she went ahead to go feed the baby in the other room because she got called back to see the doctor and we went into the other room to get our X-rays and it appears that our left side is actually overly arched and we could actually see it on the X-ray. No wonder our left side is usually so easily pained. Oh well we had to wait in the room for a long time before the doctor came in and so our neighbors eyes read a bit while we froze in the cold air. Our doctor is a white male in 40’s or so, he was thin and tall with sort of turning white hair and very nice. He told us all about why we hurt and how the tendons are positioned and distributed in ourselves which was cool. Anyways we got a prescription for some inserts and some suggestions for different sneakers to wear.

Then we checked out with one of the receptionists. She’s a black woman with a sort of hard looking job she seems to be wearing a headset answering calls and also making appointments for clients inside. The other receptionist was the one that checked me in and she appeared
Latina and the X-ray tech was a white woman about 30 with very long blond hair tied back and then there were a few more female people working there…. Hmmm ………..nah lol. But yeah they were all very cool. At one point while we were waiting a woman who worked in another office in the bldg came to speak to the doctor but he had left already, apparently to go on a little vacation, and she had to leave something for him instead. She was wearing wedged heels, blond hair, thin medium height. She left then came back then left again. Silly us we though that there wouldn’t be too many people seeing a podiatrist at all and then we got there and so many people were coming and going. Alot of them were over the age of 50 and some of them had obviously bad toe problems. It made us realize that we need to start taking care of ourselves eek.

Later we went downstairs and got the referral for the ENT and when we were waiting we read magazines and took photos of recipes from magazines to make for summer. They were yummy and by that chef named Guy lol. Anyway we finally got our referral which took a long time and they were nice enough to apologize and then we got to leave. However when we were waiting the receptionist in the main office, the brunette, was talking to a black male who was delivering some stuff and she was saying “omg it’s Friday go home” and he was like “no I can’t” and she was like “you have kids go home”….and he was like “I have to be here, I like it here” lol. The window to the right was closed and he was asking “when since do they close at 5pm” it was hilarious she seemed to be tired and he was just like yay overtime …….we think so anyways.

Anyway we picked up a copy of each of the health magazines while the other receptionist a tall thin brunette woman, who gave me the printout that the other receptionist had printed for a doctor we decided not to go to, cleaned up and organized the magazines. Anyways we finally got our referral walked home with our jacket tied around our waiste and then sat on a bench in the park and read in the light of the sunset, facing the water, while worrying about all the men that were around for ex: the two men black doing lawn work or whatever on my left who as we passed by we heard them discussing women lol and the other men we assume were fishing on my right none of them fully in sight but we could hear them talking. All of them were quite vulgar lol. The fishing ones were talking about an alligator in the terms of “bitch” or at least we’re sure we heard them talking about an alligator in the water and how it just waiting for them to fall in etc..etc.. lol. It was hilarious. We walked by and the fishers were 4 white males and one black male in their 20’s or late teens. Got home after seeing a black snake at the cut off to the path and then ate and hung out. Great day all around except for my paranoia which we so need to work on.


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