My feet at doctor’s office

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at doctor's office

So went in today to get my lungs checked out again and then I went to get an x-ray and that was interesting. Apparently it could be serious now. At first after I left the doctor’s office I went to get my x-ray at the hospital but it was too expensive as I figured they would be and they told me to instead go to the place across the street from them so I did. When I walked in there were an elderly white couple sitting together in the corner and two black women in their mid 30’s or so sitting on different sides of the room. The two receptionist were female white and Ellen was on t.v. and we were all watching and laughing, there were two t.v. screens one facing each side of the room. This one had Taylor Swift on playing music with some guy lol. It was actually pretty funny. Anyways I finally got called in after I gave them all of my info and all the women in the back part working the x-rays and stuff were white women one of them looked so familiar she had loong brunette hair and was really skinny and she smiled at me at the entrance to the back room and she had braces with that white thing that connects them. Question to the world why do braces make people seem more endearing *shrug* one of life’s mysteries but anyway she seemed really friendly like maybe she knew me too, ever had that weird feeling like you see someone and you think they look familiar and they look at you as if they think you look familiar too idk is it just me lol anyways, she took me back and then they had me change in this little room with a locker and I locked up my purse and my book and got my x-ray done, the gown was super fun lol, and then I got dressed and left. I didn’t have to check out and honestly I hate that part they always try to get money from me that I never have bleh not fun.

Later on I took the recyclables to the recycling plant and then I looked at that food pantry again to see if they were open instead I found a nesting peacock. Very cute I even got photos of the eggs. Anyway I really wanted to stay and I really should’ve because when I got back and went to see my other doctor for my appointment it turn out there was never an appointment set for me so I wasted my time coming back not like it was too big a deal considering that the other church seemed to be empty and there were men inside doing construction so I’m not sure if both those food pantries are closed or what. I then went home and later on went to the later food pantry and got a dozen eggs yum and stuff which was awesome my fam needed them. It was in another box but I assumed all the boxes had eggs in them and exclaimed how happy I was to get eggs and the kid a young male probably latino put them in my box under the cupcakes the other guy tried to give me, which I gave away to a guy who apparently knew someone who had kids. I had also been to the other food pantry earlier and they gave us looots of tomatoes and potatoes I think. All in all a good day food wise. I also went to the school pantry and got lots of oatmeal and stuff. Today thee was no sighting of a “him” look-a-like thank goodness. I was still a bit nervous though but it was better. Turns out upon asking someone at the theater that both of the professors I need to speak to are not there during summer so I’ll have to come back in August. Hope it goes well 🙂

Anyway pretty good day if only I wasn’t sick or whatever. Well I’m still alive so who knows lol. Maybe I’m okay after all.


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