My Feet At Library

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My Feet At Library

Got my books today yay now I just have to finish reading them and then go pick up my other books that are coming for me. I’m super happy I’m able to finish books again. Anxiety is not fun at all.

Later on or earlier either one I went to Publix and Save-A-Lot. At Save-A-Lot that woman who didn’t want to clean the register the last time was there P*** and she did try to clean it but dry like a dry piece of paper towel so I just cleaned it myself. I wonder if she even washes her hands. 😦 eeeewww. Had an issue with someone a black woman giving me an attitude, in some fake white voice because she was helping a black man, at Walmart over this and my ma’s advice was to not leave the line and that way I’ll get a receipt with the name of the …person :). Sad how some black women are so rude and hateful to other black women all because of internalized racism/sexism. Oh the colonized mind lol. Not funny but eh have to laugh at some things right. If I see her again I’m getting her name and reporting her she needs to learn her lesson and treat all customers with the same level of respect. I had to report her to the manager a short older white woman with white hair and I had another person cash me out, a chubby tall white male who was actually so much more polite. Funny how that works sometimes. But yeah she was at register 10 and I officially hate her guts. I hate people who are rude to me for no reason.

Because of her I’ll start using self check out even though I’m against humans losing their jobs to robots. Sadly however humans are an insane aggravating f’d up mess to deal with and like Pamela Anderson I think I only want to help animals now. Sad but true she’s so turned me off to Walmart in general and I already don’t like them. I’m so writing a letter or two.


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