My feet at doctor’s office and food pantry

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at doctor's office and food pantry

So today was great. Was tired because as usual I worried too much the night before my doctor office to sleep so I was exhausted when I went to the doctor’s office. Anywho he ordered a bunch of tests for me…………including checking for arthritis which I didn’t realize could be checked for like that but then again I’m not a doctor so …

Anyway the nurse that drew my blood was a short girl, she seemed really young like 19 or so, probably white and had on makeup that was very brown and contrasted greatly with the skin of her neck etc…. She had to leave to get gloves because the gloves in the room weren’t her size. Anyways when I asked her she told me the best option when getting blood drawn was to look away and I was like good to know and she was saying that some people start to freak out when they see the needle and some even flinch and then she has to stick them again and I was like omg. We were talking about how some of these people need a valium and how great valium is. Well I’m happy she told me t was better to look away because I tend to look and this time because I looked away it actually hurt less.
Afterwards I went to the desk in the main lobby not sure if I needed to go somewhere else to sign out turns out I was in the wrong place and the woman in the lab coat that I asked was very not helpful when I asked her if she knew where I needed to check out, she was a white woman a bit above average height slim and had long blondish hair and she reminded so much of the white female singer from y chorus class in college who was really rude and elitist and did the same thing to me whenever I asked her about the piece of music we were singing. To this day I still hate how soo many of the people, including a tall black male who would go out of his way to call us out or say mean things and one of the other lead singers a very rude very annoying very talented and well trained black female, who turned out to be pregnant, in that class were so rude and dismissive and outright hostile to some of the less experienced singers myself included truly her lack of care was comical so I just asked the short black female that came to the door calling for the next patient. She told them at the desk that I had to check out and then took me back. I had to wait behind a woman and her son who were playing a game on a tablet that had something to do with not breaking eggs lol. The boy was white like his mom I’m assuming it was his mom and he had short hair and was a tad bit chubby. And the mom was in total mom mode the folded hands and the purse and all that mom knowingness and stuff that moms tend to have. Yeah she was totally his mom. Anyway they finally got called then a blakc woman got done and was waiting behind me to check out and I was so anxious, I don’t like anyone standing behind me anymore, and finally I got called and it wad the same woman who checked me out last time I was there. I can’t believe I got lost finding the checkout desk but I guess I can see how I did it’s a bit of a maze in that office with all those rooms and different doctors etc.. Anyways she was funny she was like oh haven’t seen you in so long. So I got my printouts for all of my appointments and on that note I need to check out my forms to see if anything is coming up. Then after leaving I went to the food pantry and I got there just in time literally right as they were all about to leave. So happy I got there on time I would’ve hated to go over there for no reason. I went back home and took a bit of a nap for about an hour then I got up and went to the other food pantry. I was only able to take a nap because I was late for my second doctor’s appointment in the same day and we had to reschedule it for the next week thank goodness. I was soooo tired because of course I hadn’t slept properly the night before so I got up when my alarm went off and I really really really didn’t want to get up and go but I did anyways and I’m pretty happy that I did because I got soo much food because apparently they had alot of extra food so I got alot of canned salmon and applesauce and juice and corn and alot of different types of meat were in the box like lamb and beef and steak strips and chicken strips yum yum. All in all it was a really good day yup.

Note to self always go to food pantry and remember that the check out desk for doctor’s office is on the right before you get to the outer office lol.

anywho until next time waggles toes.


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