My feet at food pantry, recycling plant and park










PIC_0745My feet at food pantry, recycling plant and park

So today my ma didn’t go to work because apparently the battery needed to be charged and she wasn’t able to get it charged. Ond of bro’s friends came to pick him up and jumped the car while I showered to get ready to go. I went to the recycling plant first and dropped off the stuff then I went to the food pantry. All this after I stopped to take photos of the peacocks who had their tails up. I saw the craziest thing a white woman driving on Orange actually got mad that she had to stop to let a peacock cross the street. I thought everyone knew that the peacocks lived on that road. I’m pretty sure she knew and just decided to be mean for no reason. Honestly speaking we humans are taking land from animals because we keep multiplying. Anyway the peacock made it across the street but that driver’s reaction after trying to not to stop and being mad about having to do so I got scared when I realized that the baby peacocks had hatched and were able to leave the gated area and they may cross the street to the other side where they also live. I hope that my fears are not founded at all. Peacocks are so much better than the average human.

Anyways happily at the food pantry the older black woman with the continual bad attitude wasn’t there today instead it was the really nice younger black male who has the limp. Yay me I can’t stand that woman. I was the only person there which was awesome. I got my folder and went back and the other person working was a curvier black woman who was really nice to me. She had no problem repeating herself when I asked and so on and she even helped me pick things out. I got alot of good organic canned food etc.. Awesomeness. After that I decided to go to the park and hang out. I’ve been wanting to go to the park for a long time. I got there and noticed that there were only like two other cars and as I was getting ready to leave another car pulled in and it was a family a black male and two kids a younger boy and older sister both under 14 or so. I can never properly tell the ages of kids. Anyways we started all walking the same direction and I stopped to take photos of blue crabs but they quickly went back into their underground holes. right next to where the first set of blue crabs were we saw a black snake about 2-3 feet long and moving oddly over the roots of the trees. It was odd looking and I hoped I wouldn’t see anymore as I hiked by the pine tree area. the pine forest area of the park was awesome. I took a path that I hadn’t taken before for about 10 minutes but the path had parts where branches both small and large were really low down and I had to duck under them. This part of the forest was very nice looking with pine needles all over the ground between thin trunked pine trees. I decided to turn around because I got to a part of the path where it looked to be turning into mangrove a bit and I figured with my sandals I may not want to go to that area where snakes may be more abundant. I went to the wooden 3 story observation center and climbed all the way to the top to look around. On a billboard downstairs it said that one of the animals in the forest is the bobcat yikes. Who would’ve know but of course this is a conservation park more than anything else and of course these gorgeous cats need to live somewhere. I wanted to see one so much but a little while into being in the park and my camera’s battery died. At one point I decided to go back to get water and almost decided to charge the cameras but I didn’t have my camera chargers and plus it was hot and the plug was outside of the bathrooms and I was afraid the sun would destroy the cameras. Anyways I got a snack from the food box and then went to read my book for a little bit on the benches in the park where I had just come from. At this point a bunch more people had showed up a white family and a bunch of white men who were going canoeing and complaining about loading the boats but happy they had filled the wholes etc..etc.. I of course being my paranoid self was just hoping I was safe. I went past them over the bridge to the other side I had just come from and I sat on the closest bench and read my book and ate my snack for a bit but I wanted a bench with a back rest piece and in my min the other bench had this so I moved to the next bench and was disappointed to see that it was the same just a flat piece of wood but as I sat there reading, and hoping nothing fell on me or crawled on my feet which I left on the ground, I was amazed at how well I could hear everything in the forest including the wings flappings of a bird flying overhead. I could even hear the sound the long pine needles made as they fell and it occurred to me that humans really should live in the woods and not behind so many walls with so much destructive technology, …….while I’m typing this on a computer, watching t.v., with lights bulbs burning a fan running and listening to a portable media player from the library that plays prerecorded books on it. The forest was quiet except for birds and there were butterflies around as well, not as much as when I was younger as it’s true that butterflies and other insects are dying, off but as usual I was happy to see butterflies at all.
I left that park and then went to the ocean side of the same park across. This park was much more designed for picnicking and sitting around. It had a cozy feel about it….lots of benches and gazebos or whatever those things are called lol. I went up the wooden path to the water and took off my shoes and stepped into the water which was pretty warm. I sat for a while and looked around and watched the crabs in front of me come out of their holes and walk around sideways like they do. It was so funny looking at the crabs of different sizes walking sideways and ducking in and out of their underground homes…….I wonder what they do when the tides rises. Anyways I stayed and looked at the water and in my paranoid little brian wondered if the 4 or more pairs of footwear close to me were of people that had drowned even though it was obvious they were the shoes of people kids, teens and adults etc…that were walking/playing about a 1/4 mile or so away from me in the surf. I really am paranoid sometimes. I left when people came up next to me and washed my feet and sandals off by the pipe on the wooden path then got in the car and took the wrong way on the other main road other than us1 but then I turned around and decided to take the normal path I take home next to the river. I turned around because I really wasn’t sure if I’d get home on that other road. If I remember rightly that road goes across the whole state or country. I may have gone the wrong way for way too long before realizing I was not going to get home so I decided to turn around rather than be stubborn and keep driving. However before I got on the river road I went to the Publix in the area and got 2 packs each of organic raspberries and blueberries, 1 pack of strawberries, 1 sweet potato and 1 small bottle of turmeric yum. I’m so forgetful and out of it that it turns out that I actually had way more money on my card than I knew because apparently I checked the wrong receipt when looking for the remaining balance. I was able to get all that stuff as expensive as they were and then have left over thank goodness. Too bad the outreach grocery center was already closed, I called just to make sure anyways. And to make it even funnier I actually forgot to pick up my second pack of blueberries before I left the store so I had to go back in and tell two young female cashiers a slim tallish blond and a slim tallish AA both good looking, that I needed to get my second pack of blueberries. I picked it up made sure I had everything on my receipt and then left. I got on the road and got to the library and it was the white male, in his 40’s maybe, with the big belly who’s not as nice as the other girl that usually checks me out who was working the front desk today. I only had two books on hold and he was polite in his own way but a bit abrupt. Anyway I got only one of the books because the other was the third in it’s series not the first like I wanted. Then I went and checked out the young adult books and saw a portable recording of book three of the Mortal Instruments series so I got it because I’m reading the fourth and fifth book and somehow I am just lost as to some of the things they’re talking about but maybe it’s just because I read the first three books so long ago. Anyway turns out the battery wasn’t in the portable player grr lol so I had to use my own battery when I got home.

After that I went to the dollar store and they had a really nice photo of cooked chicken on an ad on the door and I asked the cashier in front about it. She was short and cute with dark hair and she was like oh I know what that is, after I elaborated, and she showed me. It truned out to just be frozen chicken drumsticks …boring I wanted what I saw jn the photo that looked yummmmyyy. Anyways I left because the bottle of vinegar was small but after going to Walmart and getting the cereal and checking prices and sizes for vinegar there I began to realize that mentally I’m not as sharp as I once was …maybe because apparently the price and bottle size of the vinegar at the Dollar Store is the same a it’s always been. As to why I keep trying to change it in my own mind I’ll never know lol…… idk trying to save money probably. Anyways got ma’s cereal and went home. All in all even with the hotness of the day I had a good day.

Til next time toe waggle


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