My feet at food pantry and Office Depot

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at food pantry and Office Depot

So ent to the food pantry today but was late again but it’s cool because I got lots of those shirt that I wanted with the inner support lining. They ordered pizza at the food pantry today and I wanted some soo badly but I think it was for kids coming to a thing at the church…oh well it smelled really good *sigh*. I was exhausted the whole day Idk how I was able to get up to take bro to work bleh I felt awful. My chest is still hurting and I felt weak. Still forgot to call or actually just didn’t call my therapist to set up my next appointment. Will have to finally do that. So went to office depot to send the fx to replace phone and the fax cost a little more that 3 dollars omg so expensive. So now I can’t get my awesome. Oh well. Also got reminded that I still need to pick up my shoes. Anyways I looked around the store for a bit then left and took some photos of cool things I wanted from the new store that just opened next door that sells fake or imitation antique furniture with a beach feel. There was some really really really nice stuff in the store. I so want to get some items in the future. All in all great day despite the fatigue time for my night time tea and beddyby til next time waggle toes.


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