My feet at walmart and picking up bro from work

My feet at walmart and picking up bro from work

So today I decided to go to Walmart to get some eggs to make waffles and I saw the evil cashier who I reported multiple times for being rude to me and was told by the manager that she would be trained and spoken to I decided to go in her line because it was empty and I wanted to get her name on the receipt. I didn’t speak to her until she handed me my receipt and said have a nice night and then I left and noticed that the receipt didn’t have a name just like terminal # and other info like that. Not like it matters her description is pretty unique. Anywho it was raining a bit and so even though I was supposedly late to get bro I had to walk slowly because I was wearing sandals and anyways when I got there he was still inside. Anywho good day otherwise. I didn’t even freak out too much when I got in her line. My heart didn’t palpitate that I can remember and I felt pretty calm in general.


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