My feet at food pantry and stuff

PIC_0762My feet at food pantry and stuff

So went to the food pantry today got some clothes sweater and stuff and also did some drawing on aladies clipboard with a baby girl about 3 or so years old. Her family looked Latin american and she had curly hair and almost pale skin and she looked a cherub a little bit a very good baby with a very mischievous smile she was funny. Anyways the lady working took away our clipboard and then gave her a stuffed toy instead. My paranoia says that she was more mean when she saw the girl sitting next to me and only got nice when she saw her go back to her actual family right after taking the clipboard. But who knows these things. Subtlety subtlety. Anyways I spent the last little while talking to a few people a white woman 30-40s with her hair (blond) in a loong plait and pulled over her shoulder so you could see it when facing her and a white male 30-40s also with blond hair and holding his young daughter about 6 years old or so. I think the daughter was a HSP bc she was very quiet hiding her face from us very shy and the woman was commenting how it seemed odd that she was so shy for her age. I personally think it was normal but that’s just my opinion lol. Anyway as on other days there were about 30 people there when I got there and I got there just before they were about to close and ended staying for an hour. I ended up not getting much good stuff like the people that were there earlier so I’m just going to have to start coming earlier. After that I went and dropped off the recyclables and then rushed to get to a soup kitchen and it was yummy chicken and green peas and stuffing and apple pie and orange juice yuuum lol. After that I asked for some to go boxes for fam but they said they couldn’t but when I went outside a guy who had on the shirt of the other volunteers asked me if I still wanted the meals for the kids and I said yes and he gave me two boxes that he had in his car. They had all also taken meals to go for themselves. Later on after rushing home to get the orange juice into the fridge before it went bad like the last time I watched Covert Affairs and then picked up bro.

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