My feet at library and doc’s office

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200My feet at library and doc's office

So went to the library to get my book but sadly it’s already been sent back. Anyways I reordered it so hopefully it comes back really quickly.

Went to doctor’s office and he said I’m fine but apparently I have allergies….uh yay me. so he gave me some samples of awesome spray meds to use twice a day and whichever one works best I’ll be able to call back and get a prescription for it. So I’ll start on my first set of meds tomorrow. Then I have to wait a week and use the other medicine to see which worked/s better. Hopefully it works because this pulsing in the ear thing is super ANNOYING lol. Anyways it;s a very hot day so I’m going to stay in and watch some t.v. and relax.


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